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Vaccination education: Why everyone should know about THUJA.

I want to help support our community with the recent Measles outbreak in the PNW.

I, like all Primary Care Providers who see children, run blood tests, examine, study, and research these little bodies, need to be included in the conversation. A priority for us, as doctors, is to find the best way to uphold our OATH to Do No Harm. Requiring mandatory vaccinations poses many complications when we look at individual care versus social effects of vaccination. We cannot leave it to Fear and Politics to dictate our bodies.

As a Naturopathic Physician I would like to share some of our knowledge. There are some great tools to know when making decisions for your family. Science is giving us new answers daily as to what is working and what needs to be improved. Our hope is that this bill HB3063 is not passed to allow for Parental Rights over Mandation on a schedule that is excessive to what is medically necessary to achieve herd immunity.

See below on facts from Oregon Health Authority


MMR is a live virus and some outbreaks are actually from the vaccine. If you receive the vaccine you may be contagious to the immune compromised population and the general under or unvaccinated population. This process is called shedding. Shedding is due to the immune system mounting a response to the disease in the vaccine. This is similar and mimics actually contracting the disease. Post vaccine is an important time to go home and rest. Being in public post vaccination can cause “shedding” or basically sharing of germs. *One of many studies on this topic cited below.

*When considering life long immunity, MMR vaccine may not provide as adequate of protection from contracting the virus verses actually having measles. This is similar to why those who have had a good bout of chicken pox over 3 years of age will be protected well from shingles but unfortunately we are not seeing that with the chicken pox vaccine. It is also important to note that measles is not typically a serious illness for populations with access to clean water, good hygiene and adequate nutrition. Some of the numbers being reported are scary, however, inaccurate. The 1/1000 deaths is an inflated number based on only the sickest population of the 1989-1991 measles outbreak who needed hospital care.

Immunologist don’t recommend vaccination before age 1. This is due to the immaturity of the immune system and poor immune response to vaccines. It’s great to note that breastfeeding provides passive immunity from the mother’s antibodies for the first year of life. Therefore, if a mom has had these childhood illness or been vaccinated for them, she is able to pass those immune cells to her baby.

*The longer you wait to get vaccines the better response or protection you’ll get, thus a reduction in necessary boosters. Titers, via a blood test, are a way we check how well the body responded to the vaccination or virus. Titers can be requested before further booster shots so you and your doctor may decide if more boosters are necessary.

There are ways to assess if your child is a good fit for vaccines and how often. Dr. Ed Hoffman Smith, a Naturopathic Doctor and Midwife of over 25 years, taught us some important tools to help prevent harm to the child. These tools include: a good history of the child’s family members, any sensitivities the child has now, immune compromises, or oddities that may be susceptible to a vaccination reaction. There are also some tests that may be done to assess your child’s metabolism of certain substances. Dr. Ed Smith also gave us knowledge of the use of a powerful medicine I explain more at the end…

Reactions happen folks, this year so far, we, as tax payers, have paid out over 73 million to the plaintiffs at vaccine safety court. All of this is public information. The majority of these payouts and poor reactions were to the influenza vaccination which the CDC requires yearly starting at six months of age.

This is why I’m so passionate that we allow for alternatives to the schedule for these children. Since the 1980’s when I was a child the number of vaccinations has gone up from 22 to 50!

https://www.nvic.org/cmstemplates/nvic/pdf/downloads/1983-2017-vaccine-schedules.pdfThe National Vaccine Information Center is a great website for unbiased facts. https://www.nvic.org/


THUJA OCCIDENTALIS, WHITE CEDAR is an amazing healing Medicine shown to reverse unwanted, down right scary side effects of vaccinations. All Physicians, Health Practitioners and Parents need to know about it. It is almost like magic for it’s ability to overcome reactions after vaccinations, or prevent them. Thuja protects and prevents ill effects from the vaccine on the nervous system and immune system. Thuja has been tested and used in Germany, with reference back to the Assyrians. It can be used homeopathically or as a tincture. It is a medicine so make sure you consult us or a doctor knowledgable with Thuja before using.

Again, today I heard another case of a child who was months after vaccinations still almost non-verbal, erratic behavior pull out minutes after taking thuja homeopathically!! Thank Goddess for this Green Medicine

If you have any questions and would like a consult with one of our physicians please don’t hesistate to give us a call at (503) 472-5500 or email CalypsoNaturalCLinic@gmail.com .

My Marfan Tribe, our children do thrive on a more naturopathic vaccinaiton schedule then the recommended for healthy children CDC schedule.

CASE OF VACCINE-ASSOCIATED MEASLES FIVE WEEKS POST-IMMUNISATION    http://www.eurosurveillance.org/ViewArticle.aspx?ArticleId=20649

Breastfeeding https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC30509



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