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Top 5 Ways Naturopathic Physicians Are Key To Healing Post Accident

How naturopathic physicians are key to healing post MVA accident.

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People are not always sure who to get checked by after an accident, so we just wanted to clarify what a naturopathic physician’s role is in healing post accident. But first, a short story with permission of a friend, who has been healing from a brain injury that occurred when she was hit by a car on her bike, during October 2016 in Portland:

“I’ve been on disability for most of the last year since the accident. I have to see a neurologist chiropractor, an acupuncturist, and a physical therapist weekly. Then, during one of the independent medical exams (paid for by insurers when they are trying to cut your medical & disability benefits short) a doctor asked me, ‘Why do you think your healing process is taking so long?’ At the time, I said that I didn’t feel qualified to answer that question, but it stuck with me. Why was my healing process taking so long?

After some deliberate thought, I wish I had seen my naturopathic doctor sooner. Dr. Kelly Prill, ND was the one who verified that I needed to be on a ketogenic diet (70% good fats, 25% protein, 5% carbs) to best support my brain healing. She ordered the labs to test my blood draws for any digestive, thyroid, or mineral deficiencies. She also tested my hormones and adrenals through saliva samples.

Her explanations of the lab results clarified which supplements and dietary changes I critically needed to support healing. But my first appointment with her, didn’t happen until 7 months after the accident, up until then, I had severe appetite issues and forgot to eat a lot, I had no energy, and felt like a prisoner to the migraines and dizziness every time I stood up. I did not have the capacity to figure out what I needed on my own.”

 The Top 5 Ways A Naturopathic Physician Supports Healing Post Accident:

  1. Evaluating your current dietary habits & helping you discover the best inflammation reducing diet for your situation.
  2. Testing for any severe chemical, hormonal, or mineral deficiencies that could be crucial to your body’s ability to heal.
  3. Giving you healing performance boosting B12 shots or teaching you about hemp based CBD and your body’s endocannabinoid system.
  4. Tracking your progress and reevaluating methods.
  5. Keeping you accountable to eat correctly, and take necessary support supplements to maximize healing.


Fun Fact: Naturopathic care is covered by your Personal Injury Protection coverage on your car or motorcycle insurance. We always recommend carrying the maximum allowed PIP on your policy as opposed to the state recommended bare minimums which put you at financial risk if the worst should happen.

If you are local to the McMinnville area, we welcome you to call for a complimentary phone consult to see if naturopathic care is right for you: (503) 472-5500  

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