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This is an experiment

So please watch yourself and your loved ones weeks later, some of these may be months later.

With the news of 2 top vax manufacturers having a large enough side effect of clots to have the US stop dispensing. (many other countries did this way before us) We need to look at all the potentials for injury, so you can make an informed consent.

The immediate ones are easier to report so please do notify you physician and report at vaers.hhs.gov

As I continue to go against the over censored system to keep you informed of the truth, I want to compile this for everyone’s knowledge and safety.

And no one should ever make someone do something they could be damaged from! If you are being required for work, there is support with ICAN legal funds.

I have seen some hefty side effects and I don’t want to see anymore! I’m afraid for those whom have put so much into their health. You may lose it, for the lack of truth about this experiment and pandemic is unreal. Further more, trying to beat mother nature with poison is against my vow as a Naturopathic Physician! Like using leeches and mercury or Rx’s that get recal!ed after numerous deaths and bad side effects.

I’m gonna spare us the details of manufacturers for they have enough cross over even the CDC puts them all together. I do recognize they are different, but yet not really.

TOP side effects. not including are: any weak area or chronic issue you have maybe exabberated esp in the weak, elderly or unhealthy. (this has been a listed side effect! kind of lame & general!). The majority of these are posted on the V-safe reactions site.

  1. Blood Clots. Now not just JJ but AZ now too. alsothanks AZ ,Johnson and Johnson and most likely all of the manufacturers, oh they are safe we can trust them…bullshit that should of been an easy catch if you studied your drug at all.
  2. Hair Loss
  3. Ringing in the ears
  4. rash we can’t get to go away
  5. all inflammation worse
  6. thrombocytopenia, hits the bone marrow and spleen to lower white blood cell count
  7. bell’s palsy
  8. stroke
  9. Heart attacks
  10. Viral reactivation ie EBV, so some Hashimoto patients may be affected.
  11. Mammary gland changes and possible lactation!
  12. Unilateral numbness for days very similar to #13
  13. Guillian Barre syndrome where you can move anymore, common w teens after HPV injection.
  14. acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, inflammation of the brain and spinal cord causing nerve damage to the myelin coating.
  15. ARDS respiratory distress syndrome
  16. seizures
  17. anaphylaxis
  18. appendicitis
  19. Kawasaki disease
  20. multi system inflammatory syndrome in adults and children
  21. inflammation of the heart and heart protective sac the pericardium
  22. PE pulmonary embolism
  23. hemorragic strokes, but may also just be bleeding out from any vein!
  24. and the list grows

Again if You or a loved one have a reaction, please report! For we are the experiment. Report to vaers.hhs.gov

Take care of yourselves.

We are all trying to help the whole but some 1%ers honestly are just greedy!

See more on how the lies and lack of ethics has shaped our medicine the last 100yrs in my Youtube video.

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