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Save our medicine!

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Once again the FDA is on the side of the large pharmaceutical companies, maybe always from the looks of it!! Everytime they don’t like our medicine…compounded pharmacies, bioidentical hormones, homeopathic immunizations, they not only ban it, make it illegal in our country, they may throw you in the pen! A California ND will be doing 3yrs for homeopathic immunization.

BioIdentical Hormones have been a huge hit to the big pharma’s synthetic industry.  BioIdentical, is just that and can’t be patented (yet) and it works as your hormones would.  Compounding pharmacies that make this for us are constantly fighting to stay open in our country.  The original pharmacists were all compounding, now they are mainly pill counters not medicine formulators.  Keeping these pharmacies and medicines legal will give millions a safer option for their aging needs.  These are cleaner, healthier options that can be customized for each man and woman!   Far safer than Premarin’s breast cancer side effect, but nope they keep making us out to be the bad guys! 

Pfizer the makers of Premarin has given millions of woman over the decades breast cancer yet, they not only is it still manufactured,it’s still being pushed on menopausal woman!! (Does Pfizer ever get in trouble!!??) Premarin is not only cancerous but inhumanely manufactured, just ask the horses!!

Now we are facing homeopathy being banned!?!

Remember a few years ago when a couple parents reported a few odd nervous system shakes, seizures with high fever with their kids and belladonna was blamed in the homeopathic teething tablets?  Those were all off shelves in America by the end of the week!!  No investigation, no follow up, nothing just a blanketed pull of that incredibly soothing and miraculous teething support for babies.  UGHHHH  

Side note: Belladonna is my favorite to keep fevers healthy and productive without side effects.  Who’s to say what really was the issue but MD’s are scared of belladonna not understanding homeopathy, I’ve found.  Fevers are good, better than antibiotics in studies and belladonna supports that. Hell seizures are being shown to expand the brains in these children!! We are scared of what the body does sometimes to regulate itself.  

Uncomfortableness is nature at times but suffering and long term shit is the way of surgery and lifelong drug prescriptions

Back to Hyland’s teething tabs….I wasn’t too worried because I can formulate that Hylands recipe but if I can’t practice homeopathy???   Then once again we’re all having just that much more of our liberties to choose our medicine taken away!!

Homeopathy and me have had a path!  For years I wasn’t into homeopathy, I saw it as a crack pipe medicine and was by no means wanting to be associated with it!  Well then I had some seriously miraculous cases with homeopathy.   One of my own miracles was the smoothest delivery of my oldest that could have been horrible fast at St Vincent’s.  Thanks to my ND midwife that grabbed it at whole foods (just the OTC dose) and snuck it to me at the trauma birthing center! 

Homeopathy is the closest thing us Naturopathic Docs have to emergency medicine, for it can act very powerfully very quickly.

Tops reasons it’s my favorite medicine for my children

  1. Children have minimal layers of disease so it’s easy to guess what their main remedy is that will help them through most ailments.  These are called Constitutional remedies and once you know it it’s a god sent for parents and easier for us docs.
  1. Tiny tasty pellets that can be slipped under their tongue as they sleep!  Those nights when they are coughing and you don’t want to wake them…just slip a few pellets under their tongue.  My sons know what’s up, even sleeping they will take them and chew ‘em up!.  If I match the correct remedy, instant relief!! 

ie Kali Bicarbonate for thick mucus or Antimonium Tart for asthmatics

  1. They taste good
  2. If you get the correct remedy, you only need to dose it every few months!  
  3. They work on healing emotions that are stuck with the physical ailments!!  This is one of the most exciting benefits to see.  Moods and outlooks in life improve!!!! Super bonus!
  4. Can be snuck into any hospital (didn’t hear that from me!) and DOES NOT INTERFERE WITH PHARMACEUTICALS.   Now it may have a benefit to you to the degree you don’t need them, but it doesn’t interact with Rx and give side effects.

Homeopathy may take some time for your Homeopathic practitioner to work up for you, but it’s worth the time!  A visit for you or your children to work up their constitutional remedy could save you later down the line when new childhood ailments arise, you’ll have the first step/treatment figured out!

If your interested in helping to Save homeopathy please check out Homeopathychoice.org

If you’re interested in learning how it can help your and your family I’m happy to book a consultation!   Hit reply if you’re interested and I’ll give you a free guide to fevers, as well as your homeopathic pellets free!

Here are some top homeopathics to stock up your home before they’re illegal!

See the fractionated chart below and click on link for full sheets to print


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