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Nourishing your Nerves Herbal Hands on workshop

Do you want to know what the most hit system these days is?   You may be feeling it….. wired, tired, brain fog, stressed, nerve pain, headaches, stomach upset, sleep isn’t your friend?   Stress Hits from last few years and with the increase of technology in your environments we need to heal our NERVOUS SYSTEM!!

Like myself most of you want to be empowered by knowledge to heal ourselves and our families in ALL seasons.  Building up your system to best handle to the stressful times if a wisdom only Nature can truly teach and her stewards.  My friend Pheonix is one of those magical stewards of the plants!  You may know her from Wild and Weedy Apothecary and the Mountain Warrior KungFu school.  Highly knowledgable and lives it!  

Nourishing your Nervous System workshop will include:

Learning of some of Pheonix and My favorite tonifiers for the depleted and overworked nervous system, brain and it’s endless connections.  

Discussion with Dr AmandaLynn on 

The history and applications of some local and exotic gems like:

Wood Betony



Milky Oats

Lemon Balm


Kava Kava

Pheonix will lead our hands on medicine making

Learn tips for 

creating a tea, tincture, vinegar or oxymel ie honey concoction

the how to’s for storage and proper processing

dosage and safety precautions will be addressed by us both as well.

Take home your own 4oz medicine to be strained in 8-12weeks

Teas can be used immediately

Tinctures prepared are available or custom blends can be prepared for you to  immediately begin nourishing yourself!

Empower yourself and a friend!   

Bring a friend receive a free custom blend!

$39 a person

Learn tricks and treats of herbalism from some green witches! 

Kava Kava chia and gluten free pumpkin muffins 

Join us Saturday Oct 29th 11-1pm

Calypso Natural Clinic in the YOGA room

call 503 472-5500 or email calypsonaturalclinic@gmail.com to serve your spot!  

Hope to see many of your lovely faces as we sip tea and make some medicine together!!

Your Doc who loves to empower you!!

Dr AmandaLynn

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