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Naturopathic Medicine is the answer for the healthcare crisis.
~Dr. AmandaLynn

Naturopathic Medicine The Best Kept Secret!

Tenets of Naturopathy

1.The Healing Power of Nature:  We believe our bodies and all natural substances have innate intelligence to rebalance and heal us back to our perfect divine image as long as the blocks are removed and momentum is sustained toward optimal health.  I love this tenet for it allows the divine intelligence of nature and God/Goddess, Source, Universal Love, whatever you wish to call the Higher Organized Power who is much wiser than any doctor to assist in perfect wellness and being through the simplest plant, mineral, vitamin or remedy

2.Treat the Whole Person: You are not a separation of parts, systems or symptoms, you are the sum of all that you have from your family, your environment, what you expose yourself too, your thoughts, your feelings, your activity level, your means to health is going to be very different than your neighbor.  You have a unique story and I wish to know it to best support you and all who you are.  Naturopaths are also very good at being the ring leader to connect all your other practitioners together.  It can be overwhelming as a patient to keep all your health practitioners on the same page and to know what everyone is doing and why.  We are here to keep you Whole!

3.First do no harm:  This is the Oath all physicians take.  Naturopaths are actually more conservative when it comes to aggressive, invasive or toxic treatments.  We look at the future consequences of our treatments on your health. We know that your body thrives on support not being attacked. We take the side effects seriously and we fully disclose all the concerns that have been scientifically discovered or that have been clinically observed to take the best and safest measures for you and your family.

4.Identify and treat the cause:  You are a great mystery and an investigation must continue past just your symptoms to find out what has weakened you for these symptoms or diagnosis’ to be evident.  The body is in constant homeostasis to strive for optimal health. Your body does all it can to compensate physiologically to help keep you safe and alive.  The biochemistry and functional physiology of your body’s adaption toward health amongst dis-ease is often misinterpreted as the disease, when it’s merely a symptom and digging into what are the true factors for YOUR dis-ease is fascinating for me and I love the chance to find out YOUR MYSTERY! What is it for you, there could be many things that have caused this and to change it here at the source will prevent the cycle of suppression symptoms and pushing your dis-ease deeper and into a more serious concern, then allowing some symptoms to come boiling to the surface and release! Let’s help you RELEASE your DIS-EASE so you may be at ease!

5.Prevention is the best cure:  Not only is this so true and important for your health, your quality of life, your life span, but your pocket book too!  Naturopaths are the experts for prevention and there is always work to be done for rarely is one in optimal health wholistically in body, mind, emotion and spirit.  WE ARE LIFE COACHES for YOUR WHOLE BEING!

6.Doctor as Teacher: If you’re like me you want to know all about your body and why! I love teaching you about your health, the process, what is going on, i.e. the adaptive physiology, what can help you and why.  You want to know so you can be the best support for your health and family too! For the more you know the better you can take care of yourself and community!

Those are THE TENETS of Medicine Dr Amandalynn style

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