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Dr. AmandaLynn Hoffman. ND

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND, Naturopathic Doctor, McMinnville Oregon

Dr. AmandaLynn Hoffman ND, is an alumnus to the country’s oldest naturopathic school which is in Portland Oregon, the National College of Natural Medicine. Dr. AmandaLynn has immersed herself in studying and working in the alternative medicine world for the last 2 decades.

Licensed for 13 years as a massage therapist and herbalist Dr. Amanda has a unique view of the body and can bring in the physical with the physiological. Dr. Hoffman has expanded her studies across the United States; focusing on Clinical Sports Medicine and Master’s work in Expressive Arts Therapy in Cambridge, MA., Spa treatments in Lake Tahoe, Energy-Spiritual work in Hawaii, and Herbal apprenticeships in Eugene, OR. before ever signing up for Med school. Dr.Amanda’s treatments are mind, body and spiritually holistic.

As a Family Medicine Physician her work has gone to a new level of finding the cause and correcting the body’s blocks to allow and support the body’s ability to heal itself. Special training with Dr. Wilson and certified as a Restorative Medicine doctor has taken her interests in the endocrine system specifically, thyroid, adrenals and hormones to become her one of her expertise areas. Marfan’s syndrome and “loose connective tissue/joints” is her original focus being published for her Naturopathic focuses’ on increasing the integrity of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular/pulmonary systems.

Born and raised in the Polk /Yamhill counties, Dr. Amanda cares about the wellness of her community and is excited to bring Naturopathic medicine home. Knowledge from the old country merged with the latest in science medicine into your life, family, and dinner table.

Dr. Amanda’s thesis was on the Naturopathic treatments for connective tissue health and integrity from the musculoskeletal system to the cardiovascular system specifically the heart. As a patient herself with a rare genetic disorder Dr. Amanda is the first Naturopath with Marfan’s syndrome to focus on healing pain and strengthening the cardiovascular/muscular system. Her other areas of interest are Women’s health and hormones, stress and it’s affects on the body, pediatrics and general practice.

My Background

Fourth generation of Yamhill county, I was raised naturally with a rare connective tissue disorder. My studies in natural medicine began as a teen growing into herbal apprenticeships, wholistic nutrition, science, botany and began to do massage as I started my college career. Taking a break from my massage business and classes, I took a 5 month vision quest to Hawaii. There I learned lessons of natural healing that only being very unplugged can do. I had only a backpack when I arrived. Living totally surrounded by the island, I was able to do a once in a lifetime quest that taught me more then any amount of PhD’s could! I then moved to Boston for my graduate studies in Expression Arts Therapy at Lesley University only to realize I truly wanted to be able to help heal people from the best possible angle for me – which blended my love of plants, people, food and healing.


I’m a 4th generation Oregonian raised in Dallas and born with a rare connective tissue syndrome. All 4 of my siblings have Marfan’s Syndrome as well as my mother. We struggled with many different types of healthcare issues from hypoglycemia, growing pains (due to the massive growing…I’m 6’4”) eye problems, stomach problems, joint and muscle pain, and then the emergencies of a lung collapse, aortic dilatation and heart valve replacement that my siblings went through at young ages. There wasn’t much available as most of you are seeing out there for helping heal or palliate without side effects that made the quality of our lives decrease. I wasn’t going to go for the recommended conventional treatment of prevention by the concept of some pharmaceutical game of Russian roulette, well this could help or we’ll find out 10 years later this actually destroys heart connective tissue, like statins! I am very conservative when it comes to how we interact with our physiology especially concerning our cardiovascular system. My parents are wholesome, smart people who luckily didn’t push me to be on the beta-blockers! I began studying herbalism shortly after college and fell in love, WOW I thought this is amazing look how all we need grows right here! We have lots of options for health and healing if we are under the proper advice of a knowledgeable healthcare provider.

I began massage and my own intuitive energy work that has erased pain for people permanently over the years and I’ve been very blessed to help those who helped me get though my many colleges! In Eugene I studied Nutrition, holistic health, Reiki and was a great vegetarian. I studied as an apprentice with Howie Brounstien a superb botanist and Colette Gardiner an intuitive teacher of old herbalism. I continued my herbal studies in Maui and learned more about plants and healing from all I could Kahunas and locals. I was on a vision quest. I lived on the island for 6months mainly out of a backpack in self made huts out in the jungle and scribing to fruitarianism for it was abundant! I loved living on the land and gained a huge respect and insight for where we have been and where we are now and where we need to go when it comes to the connection with nature, our land, medicine, food and survival of our planet. I fell in love with the human emotional body and its connection to our physical. I then graduated SOU in Ashland with a B.S. in psychology and art and continued into Lesley University in Cambridge MA with a focus on expressive art therapy. I embraced the east coast and the mecca of intellect that sprang up there in the squares of Cambridge and Boston, walking through Harvard campus to class. As a heart centered therapist, I was not satisfied with the amount of pharmaceuticals that are in use in the mental health field. I knew then that I needed to bring more health, nutrition, thorough work-up’s (10% of scizophrenics are just B6 deficient!) and alternatives into a higher level of medicine. I never give up digging for you.

That is when I discovered the best college for the type of medicine I resonate with was back home in Portland, OR. Through the most grueling 1yr intensive pre-med at UO and 5 years of post graduate medical school I learned firsthand about many of the stress induced health problems my patients face: chronic fatigue with adrenal and thyroid deficiency, GI problems, malabsorption issues, women’s health issues, viral infections, chronic pain and anxiety that can prevent a person from being happy and healthy. I learned well what a good doctor was and what a painful patient was!

Our training as ND’s takes 4-5yrs of 20-32 post-graduate credits a term to include all that our MD colleagues are required and then years of Nutrition, Herbalism, Homeopathy, Manipulations, Lifestyle and Diet, Hydrotherapy and old teachings from Asia, India and Europe, to satisfy our Naturopathic a creditors.

Our school is blended with a Classical Chinese Medicine program so we had many teachers who taught us both. I was able then to put my years of acupressure and “ feeling the chi” to use with acupuncture and understanding their diagnostic methods. I graduated being the last ND student to have my thesis published in the Library of Congress. My thesis was on the Naturopathic treatments for connective tissue strength and integrity, essential for all my postmenopausal women, men with muscle pain of high cholesterol and all those with any musculoskeletal issue(the body is made totally of this connective tissue matrix so eyes, organs, communication receptors and more can be addressed). My research mainly included nutrition and herbs to help improve your musculoskeletal system and the cardiovascular system. The heart being the most important but also improving the network of connective tissue based arteries and veins, which for many patients is why they are laying down cholesterol to strengthen their arteries from deteriorating influences such as high blood pressure or environmental factors such as chlorine. Marfan’s patients also have much pain and so chronic pain with my experience and training is one of my specialities.

Wow, lots here and still going but the most important part is what I have to offer you which is: a thorough work-up looking at your nutritional status, your risks for disease, compassion, educated explanations, many options for healing that will meet your needs and where you are at in life. I offer you a life-time coach on your path to optimal health.

Then YOU ARE READY to start a great partnership here with us at Calypso Natural Clinic.

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