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My top considerations for this Vax.

Are you having some concerns about these vaccines?

Are people making you feel bad for having questions?

Worried about your boss requiring it for work or the school mandating it for your kids as a requirement? 

Good news! This is not considered a vaccine yet. It is an emergency use product (EUP), so they can’t mandate it at this time! Why? Well, for starters, It has not been used on humans… until now. Over 500 deaths and 1000 plus injuries were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) last January 28, 2021. In previous vaccination studies, we’ve found out that VAERS only capture 1% of the adverse effects of our country’s reactions. So again, this has yet to be classified by the FDA as a vaccine……Ok so now you need a federal US constitutional exemption. See flemingmethod.com for so much free information and legal exemptions and much much more from this brilliant Dr and lawyer Dr Fleming. The government reached out to him to work on this bioweapon virus!!

Well, that the V..wasn’t studied for 7 years, for it will be deemed by the horribly corrupt FDA as a vaccine first of September 2021 – just in time for school-age children to go back to school, the ones not affected by this at all!! I’m so sad they rushed this through with all the side effects that I see!! It’s actually worse than the VIRUS!!

OK, I have 7 points that I would like to share with you. This is to make sure that you understand every needed information before you go and allow somebody to conduct a medical procedure on you. 

1. Federal law prevents any employer, state agency, or institute from mandating or requiring an EUP. The FDA has yet to deem it safe enough to be categorized any differently yet. This has yet to be adequately studied. So know this is illegal, and you CANNOT be required to get a vaccine to keep your job!!  Well, this is obviously being trampled on now as our rights are being stripped away.  

2. Why? Full informed consent cannot be done until FDA deems it a safe vaccination. As a Dr and healthcare worker who is giving the medical procedure, we need to fully inform the patient of side effects. We cannot do that because we have no safety studies yet that have shown significant efficacy beyond 7days best up to 2months. This class of medicine is unknown to any doctor. The actual patent has trade secrets in it.  They springboard science for this jab, for which I thought at one point was biologics, the newest class of medicine. Biologics from an immunological standpoint is very, very odd. Once a patient has been on one, Humira or Embrel, it can be tough to “rearrange” their immune system again. These drugs deliberately change your immune system’s responses at a level we’ve never worked with before. This class of medicine requires a signature that the doctor reviewed the side effects with you, and you agreed to proceed on the medical procedure anyway.  I fear this class of medicine is far worse than a biologic.

This level of consent is required for vaccinations, esp. experimental, but does it happen? NO! for they say it’s for the benefit of all to ignore individual rights? No, thank you!

3. Studies have shown that the worst COVID cases were due to low Vitamin D serum levels in countries with better healthcare priorities. Testing was done in all patients in ICU.  As well as the increase of ace 2 receptors adipose tissue and inflammation levels. So let’s work on that! It cost thousands instead of trillions!!

We are seeing deaths, even locally, in healthy people with the vaccine. Reactions from Myocarditis to vaginal hemorraging. The ovaries are hugely impacted. If you have inflammation and pain it will be worse esp. if you have metal toxicity. i.e., Mercury in the body from dental work or previous vaccines.

Take your prevention immune pack, or happy to customize support for you. No deaths to those! Let’s allow Mother Nature take her course ‘cause we can’t stop her with even 2 masks on Fauci!!!

4. Medicine rarely should be injected straight into you. This is bypassing the way our immune system is set up. To correctly identify pathogens and mount a healthy, strong response, it’s best to follow the natural order. The immune system is set up with front-line defenses of our membranes and, ultimately, our gut. This allows for the body to literally digest it first before attacking. It sees it as foreign, and it is less likely to get overwhelmed and overreact. Say the burglar either comes to your door or whams in your bedroom. Which situation are you more prepared to handle? Just like you, your immune system is trained to catch it at the front door! A less adverse effect is helping to reduce the risk of overreaction of ADE significantly and/or an AutoImmune reaction.  I feel we won’t see or be able to document the vast number of increased autoimmunity or immunocompromised, as this could trigger a worldwide response. Neurological reactions are worse than I ever suspected!! Hmmm, why neurological? Why is it bothering the head? Nothing should be going to your head to cause deafness, vertigo, and shingles!!  

The CDC has made warnings on vaccinations of the past. These are made after the fact, or population trials as they are. The CDC Inserts even mentions MMR and a few others already out. The warning is for those who already know they have an autoimmune disorder, which may trigger another AI flare or target. Interestingly, people who post the warnings/insert of a vaccination onto mainstream social media platforms will most likely have it pulled. Or else, you will be pulled – just like anything else truth-wise. Transmisison of the vaccines to non vaccinated is reported to happen in the vaccine inserts and I have personally experienced this.. Many more are reporting these effects.

5. We have anti-virals!! Us Naturopaths, Homeopaths, and Herbalist have hundreds to thousands of alternatives!

The allopathic doctors do have a few too, they are just now realizing it!! Hydroxychloroquinolone and Ivermectin!!  I’m most comfortable with using Ivermectin for my community. Come on, it works better than the v!! It prevents and stops for more information on Ivermectin, which I prefer far more than Hydroxychloroquine, an immunosuppressive drug ( https://covid19criticalcare.com/). They are even making it very difficult for us physicians to Rx.  I’m happy to prescribe for my patients!

6. Follow the money? Right. Who’s getting rich here? Pharma spent over $200 million on Lobbyists last year. Us Naturopaths probably had $50,000 at best!! So much more to say here. In a future blog, I will expand more on the 111yrs of Pharma tainting the medical healthcare system again!

7). If It’s illegal with new laws (unconstitutional) for me to say any alternatives to COVID and its vaccine…..hmmm, isn’t that interesting.  There is a high-level corruption in medicine and beyond here, people. So only you on my email list get the actual raw information.

So here’s more of my current information to help you be equipped. It’s alot for us all right now to digest, so take it in and chew. See how it sits and then make your choice as you need.

I’m happy to discuss what works best for you. Individualized care will help to discern your needs allowing better health outcomes. Support yourself and this small business if you would like and order an Immune support kit for you or a friend. See the link I shared below. I recommend that you consult to have an intervention best suited for your needs. Also, I can give you a zinc test, run vitamin D levels and inflammation markers on you, or an antibody/spike protein test!

TIme to take your health into your hands! I’m not afraid of and i’m happy to help bulletproof you to be strong too!

Your Revolutionary Medicine Doc!

Dr AmandaLynn

PS as of 8/2/21. For every 1 CASE OF THE ILLNESS I’ve had, I’VE HAD 40 CASES OF side effects from the vaccine. This is in my office alone, not including the MANY more reaching out via online platforms.

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Distrust Big Pharma? See the hypocrisies of the Government? Why do we see them as HEROS now? A leopard doesn’t change his spots!!

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