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Medicine Making: Easy Healing Salve with calendula

What IS Salve you ask?  

Salve is an herbal medicine made up of healing skin anti-microbiotics in oil and then added to beeswax for a nice creamy texture.  

An all-purpose salve can be used for

  1. Healing any lesion. Use in place of Neosporin, Bacitracin or the like.
  2. Excellent for dry cracked hands
  3. Perfect as a lip balm/moisturizer
  4. Easy to make and rarely any adverse reactions.

I’ve been making my own all-purpose salve for so many years. I began my recipe(s) as an herbal apprentice for Columbines and Wizardry Herbs in Eugene Oregon. I was able to work in this top medicine making shop at one of the best herbal apprenticeship opportunities in Oregon…and I wouldn’t be surprised if it is STILL the best.   

I just loved the smells in that shop alongside the tincture making. I adored the magical environment of the herbs freshly wildcrafted in the Cascades, drying these herbs and the people I was surrounded with. Truly a special tribe of devoted herbalists.

So, why would you make this?

Interestingly, this has been requested by numerous working men who don’t seem to find success in other remedies.

-It can be easily customized to your preference with additional essential oils.

-It can be a great start to making medicine due to it’s simple few step process, thus, allowing time to be with the herbs as they seep into your consciousness.

-It can become the best medicine for you, your family, your children, friends and patients.

I start with my calendula. Some of you may know of someone who has tons of this self sprouting marigold that is a  wonderful and gentle first aid herb to begin in your herb garden. (Watch out it will take over! But the resin is so nice!)

Resin!! Yes, this flower is so potent it has resin…part of why it’s a great first aid and bug deterrent.

In a large pot, I fill it with 5-6cups of flowers and over the top pour your favorite clean plant oil.  (Hint: olive oil works great!) Be sure to completely cover the herbs well to allow them to properly simmer for a few hours on the lowest heat possible. Stirring occasionally.

I repeated this process with Oregon Grape Root in a separate pot and at a little bit higher temp. Roots need more heat to extract the full medicinal potential.  I also included the berberine root for added anti-microbial properties for my kid’s scrapes and scratches. 

After simmering your flowers and roots for at least 2-4hrs, strain with cheesecloth to remove all herbal parts and leaving the beautiful and colorful oil.

Next, chop up approximately half a pound of beeswax (I like GloryBee Beeswax). Add the beeswax slowly to mixture and stir it in on low/simmer.  Once melted, test on a wooden spoon and allow to dry and see how soft/hard it is. Look for a soft consistency that is pliable to smoother over hands/skin/lips. If you add too much beeswax, add additional herbal oil, or plain olive oil if out of herbal oil.  Once the dry tester is the soft consistency you can pour into any size containers you wish.

Lastly, you may add essential oils if you would like.  I added 3 drops of rosemary to a few of my jars for added pop, preservation, and excellent smell.

I would love to offer classes if people are interested in medicine making, herbal walks and or talks. Hit us a line to let us know what you like!

Hope you’re having fun doing some indoor creative projects and I look forward to hearing about your herbal concoctions!

I have ingredients in office if you need herbs from dried flowers and roots to already made calendula oil or this batch of salve for sale!

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