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Medical trip to Maui Heartbreaking and Healing

Maui is still on my mind, almost 2 months have gone by and not much has changed. Sadly just more families are moving out, unable to afford to stay on THEIR land. As they still have to pay mortgages on the homes they lost and the taxes were raised and due last month!!! Insanity as it’s obvious they are moving out the locals for their own plans. Governor Josh Green, Larry Ellison of Oracle to Oprah they all have a hand in the deaths and take over of the Hawaiian people, water and land. With only hope being Village of Hope which received 90 new tiny homes but only room for 300 people. They had over 1700 people apply 🙁

I can’t imagine the frustration as it only continues as people living in hotels rooms over 4400 entire families with keikis in one room.  These children have to take a bus 1hr each way now to Keihi.  Hopefully soon they will be taken in who have to. I see not too many options for the displaced locals. 

At first sight flying in the sadness hits. A wave of loss, pain, to the reality that water is gone here! I’ve never seen it so dry, the foliage is dried up around the once waterfalls, the waterfalls aren’t like they were:(     The culprits??…all the billion/million dollar homes with huge grass yards that cut into the side of the jungle! Sad to see areas that were all jungle now look like a millionaire cul de sac. Tourism, WE also with 90k tourists a day prior to the destruction, suck up all the water.   The resorts don’t pay but the locals pay, and if they go over it’s a very high fine or they just get turned off. Family farms have dried up due to water wars. Please be mindful that you are in a sacred place that’s not ours and we need to understand our tourism has destroyed their culture, way of living and now their land.

If you want then join up with Travel Pono with options right on Hawaiian Airlines website to offer kokua (help).  You can sign up to help with various organizations from fire help to preserving resources, culture and community.  You could help turtles make it back to the ocean as babies or cooking or growing food at Hua Momona Foundation. Happy to help get you in anywhere I can!  If you wanna be at Pahoku park on the beach doing medical or massages to recycling they will take your help!   Help is Awesome and very needed. If you stay on the tourism side of the world you will miss out on the real experience of what is going on.  

People are needing housing and money to pay the taxes and mortgages on homes they lost! Insanity!  They also need the basics and will most likely for another year or longer depending when the insurance companies pay out and if the water rights are restored to the people and not the few.

Stomach aches, stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, suicide, insomnia are all very prevalent health needs we can continue to address with your help I will continue to send supplements and supplies.   Detoxification support is going out this month with stomach support from tea, probiotics, leaky gut support and zeolite to help remove the toxins in the water.

Rescue remedy for stress and anxiety will again be sent as thier supplies are now gone that I left them over a month ago.

Any support you can offer please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to do anything special.  Your welcome to give and I will report back on what was needed. My Venmo is below or paypal or mail check to calypso natural clinic PO BOX 185 Amity Or 97101.

Life is about how we treat ourselves and others, how we give not take!  For all those who have been tourists to Hawaii and only took I ask you to look at how you can give.  Be warned the main organizations aren’t doing what they say they are.  Esp not Oprah or Rock! THey could of at least rebuilt the keikis a school by now!  They could but up a desalinator for water, they could rebuild people’s homes easily but they aren’t cus it’s not part of their mission on Maui. Governor Josh Greene is not good for the islands like most our politicians greedy and working for higher up and down with the people they are required to work for!

Here’s one of my Instagram posts I did upon arriving.

Pohaku park S turns is pretty damn special here. This camp was started by Aunties and Uncs very soon after not the fires but the lockdown imposed on them

Preventing families from uniting, the survivors from Kahului hospital, no food or water were given.

Ppl worst off had no family here ie tourists all stuck at Times gas and store up here in Nipili

Man I’m hearing the Aunties and Uncs talk real stories and it’s insanely inhumane 😳😱

As Auntie Said yesterday, We have the largest military base here and NO one came til after 9 days to help!?

Neighboring islands, the rich locals paid for supplies and sent via jet skis and boats til the cops opened the road. They were blocked and shot at by who??? Our military? UN military?? Elite’s military??

On the ground military some unknown maybe UN? And National guard prevented the grandma and pa’s from getting medicine, many died waiting for help at the Times gas station in Kanapali 😳 where the largest support camp is across the st from now Not fema, not Red Cross but locals only helping.  Hubs the people created or reopened from shut down pandemic days helped thousands more than the red cross and fema have.  Hell many places aren’t even open receiving money from urgent clinics to the humane society.   The a local urgent clinic received $200,000 was open maybe a week and then shut down!!!  We were the best medicine around! MODOmd non-profit was a godsent for the Pohaku park hub!

Death toll is in the thousands I’m hearing they estimate among themselves. Not the 67 the damn orchestrated lies in the news are pushing! 🥺😡

I’ve been so blessed to be part of this sweet Ohana at #pohakupark hub for a week with those giving selflessly.

The big guy to the left of sunset is ex NFL who hopefully has a better back today, has been here like an 8th grade girl K I met for 38+ days. (9/15/23) 

Despite the fear of the unknown many are working together to educate on their rights and next moves for housing as they are now being kicked out of hotels for the reopening Oct 8 the governor announced which is so cruel and no organized plan for these ppl. Now more will be on the streets!  Pic of gathering under the kiawe trees here.  1700 ppl applied for the tiny homes that were an option but only 300 were taken this last week of Oct. 

I’m stoked to be sharing my medicine to the still coughing keikis😔

Maui magic is happening though and will overcome despite the continued shut down of the truth, They thought because it’s so far away from the mainland we won’t notice!! 🤙🏽🌺

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