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I have been looking for Pain Relief like this!


I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS FAST and SAFE solution to muscle pain!!

I was driving up to Portland this summer for the American Assoc. of Naturopathic Medicine conference…in excruciating pain. My shoulders scream at me up to my neck when I drive to Portland anymore. I was rear ended a few years ago on Hwy 99W and this has left me with a new level of neck pain. The pain is deep, gnawing, effects my nerves and makes me CRAZY!! I barely made it a second day but I knew I needed to make it to this workshop with Dr Tyna Moore ND, the best Prolotherapy doctor.

Within minutes of recieving a very faint prick on my trigger point…I was beginning to relax and breathe!! I was in AWE as my pain continued to reduce to 10% residual pain after merely 24 hrs. I was so relieved I would be able to make it back home to Amity without crying that day.

SO, I IMMEDIATELY brought it into my clinic to try it out on my patients and had great results!! (see Kristi’s story below)

Introducing injections for REGENERATION of your extracellular matrix!   But what does that mean? These are very safe injections of 5% dextrose in sterile water injected with a tiny needle into your painful trigger points. This therapy is aimed directly to reduce inflammation, aches, and nerve pain. I’ve personally experienced serious relief from these very fast and simple trigger point injections.

These are not corticosteroids!  Rather, it is a tiny bit of sugar for cells!  The pressure of the water and the sugar act as irritants to halt and regenerate damaged tissue.

I have yet to find a faster, more compact, or  longer lasting therapy in my 25 years as a Chronic Pain patient seeking alternative medicine.

I was educated and trained by the Leader in Prolotherapy, Dr Tyna Moore who was trained by teacher Dr. Rick Marinelli.  Dr. Marinelli was nationally recognized as a leader in the advancement of pain management and was a very admired Portland ND for many decades.  To receive training from Dr. Tyna Moore is a rare opportunity, so I feel very honored to have added this technique of muscular Prolotherapy to my arsenal of treatments.  

In my clinic, I use this mostly for trigger point pain or general muscular pain.

I found great relief for weeks with simply one treatment for my Marfan Syndrome chronic fibromyalgia pain.

Benefits of Regenerative Trigger Point Injections

  • Reduce Muscular Aches and Pains
  • Recovery from Over Use from Sports or Exercise
  • Repair the Extracellular Matrix or Connective Tissue down to the Muscle.
  • Low pain at injection site, for injection is just in top layer of skin and not deep into the muscle.
  • Resolves Nervy, Raw Pain.
  • Works immediately!! It can last for months or permanently.

This technique is NOT for joints, or deep seated trauma.

A session will last 15 min typically covering 1 or 2 areas.

Fee:  $125 for treatment of 2 areas

Schedule today at Calypso  503-472-5500 to find relief from your annoying pain today!!


“I’ve had numerous treatments by various practitioners for weeks with my very painful, disabling at times, tennis elbow, Carpal tunnel pain. An intensity to the point of constant nerve pain down my right arm.  One treatment and I have a solid 40% pain reduction lasting 2 weeks now and an 80% reduction in my left arm. I look forward to my next treatment to reduce this all the way, so I can get back to the Laughing Bean kitchen!!”   – Kristi S.

Thanks Kristi ! We’re so glad you’re feeling so much relief!

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