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How to fight the spikes

Man am I ever grateful to have my 25yrs of alternative health training and 13yrs as a doctor for knowing truth amongst fear based propaganda medical experiments take over like this!!. We saw this coming in naturopathic school and were warned it would be the future of medicine. Modern medicine was going to go purely with vaccines and biotech to prevent dis-ease. This was apparent 20yrs ago. You make more money with expensive unnecessary procedures, and keeping people sick then actually helping people get healthy.  Not to mention Bill Gates saying it in his TED talk 8yrs ago!

Vitamins and other herbs are able to be purchased inexpensively or grown and farmed by the people. There’s no money in my people’s medicine. There’s a lot of happiness and laughs though!! I take individualized medical care seriously and am not for a treatment that is universal. That never works!

What can we do to protect ourselves???
This is all my own detox experience from free spike proteins transmitted to me, not saying this is advised for you.  Consult your physician before starting any new supplementation.   Free spike proteins which were suppose to stay in the arm are unfortunately causing whole system free spike proteins. This was not suppose to happen.  This cannot detox the mRNA proteins only spike proteins that cause the problems.  Cutting down the spike proteins activity could be helpful. 
* To denote what products may help to destroy the spike others are here as general support that I needed.
**NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) Shown to destroy spike proteins!! Hence why the FDA is trying to pull it off the market.. maybe?? They’ve been hiding alternatives like Hydro Quinolone and Ivermectin studies from the public for the majority of this scamdemic. 
One recent study shows that NAC caused 54.3% inhibition in SARS-CoV-2 replication. NAC works by disintegrating its structural architecture, may be a feasible strategy to prevent infection. Proteomics data showed that N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), an antioxidant and mucolytic agent been widely in use in clinical medicine, forms covalent conjugates with solvent accessible cysteine residues of spike protein that were disulfide bonded in the native state.
Study cited:Debnath, Utsab; Mitra, Amrita; Dewaker, Varun; Prabhakar, Yenamandra S.; Tadala, Raghu; Krishnan, Kiran; et al. (2020): N-acetyl cysteine: A tool to perturb SARS-CoV-2 spike protein conformation. ChemRxiv. Preprint. https://doi.org/10.26434/chemrxiv.12687923.v2

How do you dose? Well I take 500mg 1-3x day, and drink a decent amount of water.

Detox and Pain*Curcumin– I do tons of turmeric clinical grade as much as I can. Helps detoxification pathways of liver. Relieves pain and reduces inflammation. Healing tissue injury.
*Energy Work (Reiki or Acupressure/puncture) Saves lives! I swear by energy healing. Those of us who can channel it to heal should be sought out right now!  I had great success with this from a healer!
*Water-  Volcanic filtered is ideal, this spring water will detox like a BOSS! from Monsanto’s glyphosate (roundup) to heavy metals.

First thing I intuitively began was:
*Zeolite. 1-2 doses a day. I don’t usually have this product around. I truly believe all you need is always with or around you! I love RNA results zeolite and glutathione if you want extra liver support. for you won’t truly be able to detox anything without glutathione, but NAC is the precursor. I tried touchstone essentials Nano Zeolite spray. Zeolite like bentonite clay can grab up unwelcome particles from spikes to heavy metals.   
Heavy metals are a huge factor for if you respond better or worse to the vaccine.   Any mercury fillings or past vaccinations can increase risk for higher levels of inflammation and more reaction to the spike proteins from vaccine or naturally acquired SARS-CV.
 If I knew I’d be an freakin’ subject to an experiment I would’ve taken better notes! I didn’t realize what was happening in March as it was new and transmission wasn’t talked about yet in my world.  If you didn’t see I had been transmitted spike proteins from massaging a patient who had been vaccinated.  In relieved her pain and high inflammation I had a very intense month long hemorrhage.  Woman’s ovaries are definitely affected by this vaccine!!
So again don’t touch someone who’s been vaccinated for at lease 2 weeks to a month. You may not like the effects otherwise. Fatigue, feeling off, inflamed or in pain, headache, menses off, increased blood clots and bleeds, rash, difficulty breathing (especially if anemic from hemorrhaging) heart pain (that truly scared me). I had a fever even at one point and felt like I had COVID. Then of course what I had and many women report, vaginal hemorrhaging, mine lasted a month! 
Recently more herbs are coming to the forefront to help in our current need for spike protein protection.
What is so exciting about this is it can help those with:**Bad COVID**Those getting spike proteins off of vaccinated people, or**If you’ve been vaccinated and having bad reactions
If your inflamed or overweight you carry more ace2 receptors. Dandelion Leaf medicinal components will block your ace2 receptors from the thrashing of spike proteins. Preventing damage to your heart, your ovaries, or other places those EUD’s spikes weren’t supposed to go to.
In old herbalist alchemy studies we look at the plant itself to tell us what it can do. We all know what seed cluster of a dandelion looks like…. a lot like a spike protein!! Wouldn’t you say??
Next we see lectins help. Yes, Lectins I never did like that lectin free diet!!So many powerful anti-viral activities in lectins. Leeks especially here which is so awesome for us cooks! Along with Stinging Nettles, Solomon seal, and of course Licorice. Other contenders are Red Algae, even a strep species. Aloe, Rheum and Skullcap. Citrus Flavonoids sharing how Quercetin blocks viral entry into our cells.
I look forward to seeing all the other nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals come to the forefront here. We have treatments even for Biowarfare! 

Vitamin D3– Take what you need to increase your levels to above 50, go for 80! Every 10 points you need to go add 1000iu of Vitamin D3. Test to do is Vitamin D3 25-OH. Carlson Lab has a vitamin d3 fingerstick kit.  Ya’ll need it for support not a spike destroyer.
Spore based probiotics–  Super cool is all I have time to share now! 

Energy- My fatigue was bad not only from anemia but my adrenals took a hit and I felt I needed to add on something extra strong so
PQQ Pyrroloquinoline Quinone- Helped me immensely. I had no energy or mental capacity for my work and book writing. After a few doses I felt back to myself!! I have a nice big blog on it you can read about here. PQQ the Interstellar vitamin. Mito PQQ 2 caps a day by designs for health 

Adrenal support is very individualized so this is what I needed. Adrenal complex by DFH 2 caps a day for me to overcome the stress on my body and to assist it’s own anti inflammatory cortisone.
Anemia for those who hemorrhaged: Iron for my anemia 20gm 3x day with b vitamins always good for most people and added desiccated liver capsules to help raise my very low iron levels quicker.
Stay strong, happy to help with tele-med consultations for assist you in reaching optimal health!!

Your health advocate,

Dr. Amanda Lynn Hoffman

P.S. This is not a nano lipid detox for those whom have the mRNA proteins injected into them. This helps to control the spike protein activity.
I appreciate hearing from you. Let me know if you ever have any questions

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