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Healing GUT Cookbook is Here!!








Easy Paleo Cookbook From Chronic Disease Conquering Health Gourmets

It’s HERE!!!  I’m so thrilled to share this collection of healing recipes I am a part of!!  Straight from our families’ kitchens to yours, these are true gems of Medicine and Love.     

Living with Marfan syndrome I have my body’s enzymes breaking down the extracellular matrix constantly,  So leaky connective tissue is status quo so I need to stay on top of the Leaky Gut big time as well as my boys with Marfans syndrome and food sensitivities I am always looking at Paleo cookbooks!

Leaky Gut affects many of my patients which then causes:



Reduced Cardiovascular Health 

Reduced Brain Health  



My body, like many, is very sensitive but doesn’t tell me except through; reduced energy, increased brain fog, and pain for up to 3 days after a poor food choice. (i.e. trans fat or simple carbohydrates.)

I have ApoE3/4 a cholesterol liver receptor and Alzheimer’s precursor gene MTFHR and most likely other genes that can go dirty fast. 

I’m too busy to be sick and need recipes that are easy and quick

You can’t get faster then Emergency fudge!!…oh you need this recipe! Lol… These are from some seriously cool women whom I admire and respect for they have some really amazing tastebuds, stories & recipes!

Here’s one of my recipes with Cassava and Coleslaw on some tasty, fast, gluten free and you wouldn’t know it tortillas!!

No Gluten, No Dairy!!!   A Healthy Cookbook I CAN RECOMMEND  & Y’ALL CAN FIND ADAPTIONS FOR all top food allergens. 





















#EmpoweredbyRealFood tribe lead by our own Local Favorite Chef, Educator, Recipe Dreamer and health blogger Andrea Wyckoff aka Betty Rawker

16 very inspiring healing stories of how these #RealFoodWarrior women from all over the globe healed their:

Autoimmune Disorders

Food Allergies and Sensitivities 

Poisoning of Glyphosates or Organophosphates

Over-Vaccinated or Antibiotics 


Ankylosing Spondylitis 

Marfan’s Syndrome

ApoE Alzheimer gene 

The right food is healing. Naturopathic medicine doctors take a ‘Do No Harm’ and “Let food be thy Medicine” Hippocratic Oath literally. For many of us, nutrition-focused physicians can agree,  eating REAL food is more affordable, safer and effective long-term.







I’m am THRILLED to share these recipes of super nutrient packed REAL FOOD.

All of the recipes in this book use:

Paleo ingredients, and when applicable include notes on how to adapt our recipes to be AIP, SCD, GAPS, and/or Vegan.  

Eating real food is the only way to heal our core issues. Fads come and go but eating real food will always be empowering to gain optimal health.









Click Here for Your Copy of EMPOWERED by Real Food

Buy it for 15.90 now and you will know what to make for DINNER!

and DESSERT!!                              




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Leaky Gut As a Danger Signal for Autoimmune Diseases


Dirty Genes, Dr. Ben Lynch

How to Not Die, Dr. Micheal Gregor

The end of Alzheimer’s; the first program to prevent and reverse Cognitive decline,  Dr. Dale Bredensen

Eat to Live, Dr. Joel Fuhrman

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Loose Women: A Naturopathic Guide to Connective Tissue Issues

by Dr. AmandaLynn Hoffman, ND

Loose Women is a support guide for all things “not talked” about natural therapies for Marfan Syndrome, Vascular Ehlers Danlos, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders. This covers Naturopathic Medicine therapies discussed from balneotherapy, regenerative medicine, nutrition to marijuana. The primary goal of this guide is to expand your knowledge of what is available outside the conventional medical model to lessen your pain, improve your digestion, energy, strength, and overall quality of life. As a rare doctor with a rare disease, Dr. Amanda personally “gets” what it takes to work hard toward staying well as a chronic pain patient. You can find here real and intertwined stories of her journey throughout her life as she finds her own answers to living with a leaky gut syndrome, hormone imbalances, chronic pain, as well as preventing fatal cardiovascular incidents. This offers Naturopathic gems for everyBODY – from good gut health, gentle detoxification, pain to hormone education.

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