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Naturopathic Medicine is the answer for the healthcare crisis.
~Dr. AmandaLynn

Groups for DETOX and Connective Tissue Issues

Would you like to get a better deal and more information on your concerns?

FInd out your detoxification pathways and fortify them to reduce your toxic load?

Be empowered with this knowledge to overcome all kinds of stressors on our bodies from vaccinations to mold or chemicals.

This could be why your holding onto weight, feeling off, low energy, headaches to chronic diseases like cardiovascular and metabolic issues.

Check out more at: DETOX for LIFE

Marfan syndrome, Ehlers Danlos and other Hypermobile tribe would you like support?

I know I needed and still need alot as I continue to learn and experience what is good and not for us! I want to share my knowledge and tried and true tips for becoming the best you can with the limitations we endure daily.

From pain, gastrointestinal concerns, to eyes and hearts, I got you covered! Let’s take a good look at all the many ways and get a great education and understanding of why so you can make empowered choices for yourself within any medical setting!

I have so much to share and want everyone to partake so I’ve made these classes private and affordable.

Check out more here: Connective Tissue Support

Have a few questions? feel free to email me calypsonaturalclinic@gmail.com

You can also book a free 15min consultation to find out how either one of these groups could work for you! https://calendly.com/dramandalynn

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Loose Women: A Naturopathic Guide to Connective Tissue Issues

by Dr. AmandaLynn Hoffman, ND

Loose Women is a support guide for all things “not talked” about natural therapies for Marfan Syndrome, Vascular Ehlers Danlos, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders. This covers Naturopathic Medicine therapies discussed from balneotherapy, regenerative medicine, nutrition to marijuana. The primary goal of this guide is to expand your knowledge of what is available outside the conventional medical model to lessen your pain, improve your digestion, energy, strength, and overall quality of life. As a rare doctor with a rare disease, Dr. Amanda personally “gets” what it takes to work hard toward staying well as a chronic pain patient. You can find here real and intertwined stories of her journey throughout her life as she finds her own answers to living with a leaky gut syndrome, hormone imbalances, chronic pain, as well as preventing fatal cardiovascular incidents. This offers Naturopathic gems for everyBODY – from good gut health, gentle detoxification, pain to hormone education.

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