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Fitness with Calypso Clinic: Stronger, Better, Together.

Strength Training is essential for everyBODY, for every aspect of health. It’s missing too often from our patient’s daily routines.

Here at Calypso we have an amazing team of gifted women with educated, talented skills that I need to share with you all. Let’s slow the damage we are doing to our bodies; even chronic disease! For we strongly believe: Fitness is medicine. One simple support for pain, and overall vitality that you can do is to build muscle. This is especially true for you my Marfan’s, EDS, hypermobile women!

SO this year, Calypso Natural Clinic is pleased to announce that we will be offering one-on-one Personal Training and Fitness services.

2019 is the year to get strong, and we are so excited to inform you that Jessica, our Medical Assistant and Phlebotomist, is also an experienced Certified Personal Trainer. It’s time to bring her amazing knowledge of fitness to our patients.  Our physicians will coordinate with Jessica to create an individualized treatment plan, while taking into consideration any current diagnoses, past injuries, or limitations. (Check out Jessica’s bio at the end of this blog.)

Benefits of Fitness as Medicine with Jessica:

  • Develop Better Balance
  • Core Strength
  • Pelvic Strength
  • Flexible Spine
  • Improve Range of Motion
  • Reduce Pain levels
  • Prevent falls and injuries

Wonder if this would be for you?

Are you not sure where to begin with your exercise program?

Has it been a long time since you did any exercise?

Do you have balance issues?

Are you a senior?

Have you had many injuries in the past?

Are you a very hypermobile patient?

Want a private experience?

Or maybe you are just ready to up your game?

How do you get started?

We invite you to inquire at the front desk or at your next Calypso office visit. We’d be happy to get you started or answer any questions to determine if this is right for you. If you’re an established patient, feel free to call the clinic and book your training session. We offer discounts on packages. We look forward to supporting our community in health and happiness for 2019!  Let’s do this together!

Dr Pierce also is a big advocate of fitness for strength and health!

Special Note from Dr. Amandalynn

 “I too am a client of Jessica’s! She has been my personal trainer for years.  As a Marfan’s, a chronic disease that needs just the right amount of touch to calm it or you will start a pain domino pain effect for weeks! As with many of us so slow and steady is vital for our healthy balance of not doing anything because it hurts and moving through it to find a new way to feel in your body! Let’s get stronger, better, together!”

More about Jessica Schmechel, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Following an innate desire to help people enjoy physical fitness and an active lifestyle, Jessica finished an 8 year career in the local wine industry to pursue her passion for fitness. After successfully completing study with the respected National Academy of Sports Medicine, she began training immediately at McMinnville’s local gym, Excell Fitness. While training for 5 years under mentor and owner David Faxon at Excell, Jessica developed an interest in working with the aging population as well as expectant and post-delivery mothers. Specializing in Senior Fitness, Balance Training, and Pre & Post-Natal Fitness came naturally to Jessica; it also brought her a wide range of clientele that broadened Jessica’s knowledge of today’s ever changing healthcare culture.

She’s happy to say that this experience and certification has also brought great strides in her personal goals, mental health, and to her current work as a Medical Assistant. Jessica mentions,  “Our outer shell is a great window to discovering our inner health and wellness. If we can better ourselves physically, we can better achieve and enjoy the excellent physical and mental health we deserve.”

When not serving our patients here at the clinic, Jessica enjoys time with her son Davi, running, music, and beach adventures!

To leave you all with a goodie and get to know Jessica a bit more here’s our favorite for beginners! Enjoy starting your fitness success!

Jessica’s first at-home exercise sample for you!

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