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Easy-to-Make Bieler’s Broth Helps Your Immune System

As I write this blog I am sipping the Bieler’s Broth that  I made from the club-sized zucchini that overgrew in Dr. Amanda’s yard.  My body likes Bieler’s Broth; I can tell because after I eat it I feel balanced, warm and energetic.  It is a good soup to have around during the change of seasons and cold weather (like now!), and it is kid friendly (it actually tastes good!).

Who Was Dr. Bieler?

Dr. Henry Bieler (1893-1975) was a prominent medical doctor, and one of the first physicians to believe that disease could be cured through diet and nutrition.  He practiced medicine for 50 years and worked with many prominent people of the time.  Dr. Bieler was known as a gifted physician and healer, and he practiced medicine much like modern Naturopathic Doctors. In his book “Food Is Your best Medicine,” published in 1965, Dr. Bieler attests that disease can be cured through diet.  He believed that toxemia, or the buildup of toxic substances in the body, was the root cause of all disease, and thus he did not prescribe pharmaceutical medicine.  Instead Dr. Bieler helped his patients detoxify and restore vitality through healthy lifestyles.

Bieler’s Broth

Bieker’s Broth has only six ingredients, is easy to make, and  is rich in nutrients.  It is easy to digest and helps to restore health by alkalizing the body.  Since I make this soup with the veggies I have on hand and vary the spices each time, every batch I make tastes a little different.  Add your favorite seasoning blend or an individual herb to cater to your taste.   Whether you incorporate Bieler’s Broth as a regular part of your diet, eat it to help ward off a cold, or to restore your immune system after being sick, your body will thank you for the nourishment you provided it.

Bieler’s Broth Recipe – Enjoy!



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