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DetoX with 3 Daily Tips

detox spring

Happy SPRING!! SO those of you who have been around with me a few cycles of the sun know I do love my Spring Cleaning and Detox! I love a great renewal. Perhaps it may be my LENT roots in Catholicism, but I feel the spiritual and physical pull to CLEANSE this time of year, don’t you?

SO, I have some great packages and programs but first I want you to just start SIMPLE. By just beginning these simple tricks at home consistently, you will notice a difference in how you’re able to release the excess you don’t need. This excess will be in the form of weight so it’s a Natural Weight Loss too!

First I would recommend:

BUY a scrub brush and DRY BRUSH before Showering! This will remove DEAD SKIN cells that have absorbed toxins throughout the day from your largest detox organ…your skin!! To avoid driving all those toxins you worked so hard to release right back into your bloodstream,
it is ideal to brush before you jump in the hot water and open your pores.


End YOUR HOT showers with COLD!! SAY WHAT!?! Yup, and do so for at least 30 seconds. This is an entire modality of medicine called Hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy began by Dr. Sebastian Kneipp in the 18th century and has proof in science for strengthening up the VITAL FORCE, an important component to your resilience to disease. Flushing your blood back to your organs instead of letting it sit in your skin after hot water exposure will not only rejuvenate, but will stimulate your mind and important detox organs. The practice of hydrotherapy or cold flushing, is used in High level athletic regimens to bio hack your body to improve mitochondrial production of energy!


Drink an alkalizing drink first thing in the morning! You have been detoxing all night and your blood is full of acidity. Don’t GO to The COFFEE first. Grab yourself some green tea, lemon water or a green smoothie (adding any greens to a smoothie equates; even spirulina!) THEN DO a bulletproof coffee if you need or just stick to your tea in the am. Coffee isn’t ideal for detox time.

Start with these easy 3 detox tips and let me know how you feel! Within a few weeks you’ll have more energy, brighter skin, and a brighter mind 🙂

Happy SPRING my favorite people and I’ll look forward to spoiling you more with more and more of my secret Naturopathic TIPS!

Take care of YOU,

Dr. AmandaLynn




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