Winter tips for cold season…MOMS this one’s for you!

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Another nasty viral winter, especially those of us with small children, we are just front liners in this cold season! How are we to keep these prevented or at least prevent a visit to Urgent care? And what really works?

10yrs of being a Naturopathic Physician and now 7yrs of being a Mom, I’m definately tuned up for the battle against the bugs!! VIral or bacterial many of the herbs and nutrients used by Herbalist and Naturopathic Physicians are able to do both! Viral support herbs are far more important these days!

Why are the virus’s such a problem now? The overuse of antibiotics has reduced the bacteria levels or created superbugs. This threw off mother nature and allowed the viruses’ to take off! (Ugh,) there we go messing w Mother Nature again!

So, I want all my Calypso community to have some TOOLS to kick these cold and flu bugs and prevent them from getting you far sicker. I put together a 15minute video going over what i just recently had to do with my family to support us through a nasty cold that sent my grandbaby to the ER.

All you reading this article will get a few more tips I want to share!


  1. Nasal sprays I use Nutribiotic’s GSE or Argentum 23 silver spray. I usually get my children to breathe within a few seconds.
  2. WARMING SOCKS see video for this cure all!
  3. vapor rub of peppermint, doTerra Breathe, eucaplytus, tea tree, lemon whatever you may have can even use Vicks vapor rub! Apply oils in a carrier under nose, along neck to support lymph system, chest and bottom of feet can even be helpful.
  4. Andrographis a very awesome herb for drying up the nasal cavities. I’d call it the sudafed of herbs! sorry for my fuzzy pic~


  1. Warming Socks Again! lol why it makes you all warm and fuzzy inside stimulating blood circulation and kicks up your defenses well, relaxing enough to put babies to sleep with!
  2. Drocera and Antimonium Tar homeopathics . Awesome for the thick wet coughs. Drocera is recommended for pertussis by old homeopathic physicians definitely has helped my kids and patients!
  3. Boston Ivy found in Zarbee’s OTC brand with honey, or IVY CALM by Integrative therapuetics.
  4. Honey add to chamomile or peppermint tea (may stimulate so watch amounts carefully) to calm cough along with cinnamon. Cinnamon can help to break up phlegm. and don’t forget about the honey sticks ..see video Dr Pierce recommends for sore throats!

I threw a couple other items from my arsenal above that I used. Video will tell you more about my Fever FAVorite Belladonna.

Remember it can take all these things along w good rest, diet and relaxation! So enjoy the cozy inside time to rest and heal**

Here’s my free tips cideo for Fevers, Ear Infections and more, so you can Go #EMPOWERYOURSELF

Feel free to make fun of my hair…I was day 4 of sick kids….lol

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