Tired and you’re not getting the answers or treatment you need?

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

Do you feel like your thyroid conditions are not being assessed or relieved properly with your current health practitioner?  Or maybe you are DONE feeling SICK and TIRED? 

I would encourage you to watch my video for life changing tips for your thyroid and how it can be improved. (I strongly suggest guidance from an expert because implementing all these tips may not be ideal by yourself.)

ENERGY, METABOLISM… and help with MOOD and SEX!

Thyroid tissue holds many toxins, chlorine/chloride most specifically, and this can bog you down although labs appear fine!

I began diagnosing Hashimoto’s Autoimmune Thyroiditis in my 2nd year of medical school when palpating my colleague’s thyroid gland. Hashimoto’s is a common issue of the thyroid that often is not properly addressed if even addressed at all.

I DON’T want you to settle for “fine”. You deserve optimal health and deserve to avoid the spiral down of poor health that is harder to recover from.

So feel free to grab a pen and jot down some new tips or great reminders for my current patients!  Please forward to friends and family whom may benefit. We need to educate on the alternatives to conventional work up & diagnosis and bring on true improvement on physiology!

You’ll wanna know these exercises to fight the low winter metabolism!

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