Western Medicine Gave Me No Hope

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

Before Dr. Amanda, traditional medical personnel immediately stuck a permanent label on me, prescribed life draining toxic drugs, told me I would be on certain medications the “rest of your life” and never once talked to me about the power to heal my own body or what might even be possible. They wanted to manage disease. Dr. Amanda wanted to play in the realm of wellness and the innate intelligence of the body and unlimited potential.

Dr. Amanda was the first one in over 20 years to properly diagnose me
For over 20 years I had been treated as having thyroid disease. But when I was diagnosed in November 2010 with type I diabetes, shocking as I didn’t fit the profile or have family history, I knew that I needed to surround myself quickly with people who believed bigger than limiting diagnoses.

Dr. Amanda was the one to discover that instead of thyroid disease, I actually had an auto-immune disorder which required a different course of action and treatment and was the underlying cause of the diabetes. And most powerfully, she was the only medical person that told me it might be possible to heal my thyroid, or at least protect it, and correct my sugar levels. Something that western medicine never, ever once offered me.

The Western doctor scoffed but Dr. Amanda was correct!
Dr. Amanda also began to treat my adrenals and within 4-5 months I began to feel energy that I hadn’t felt in at least 8 years. My western doctor actually made fun of adrenal fatigue (and supplements and homeopaths). And here I was feeling better than I had in years!

Dr. Amanda is what medicine MUST become in this country
To round off this complete package, Dr. Amanda is extremely intuitive and sees the body as energy and related to the whole. She hears your power, sees possibility where others do not, and knows how to harness all that to make it part of treatment. She helps to connect the dots with how your body reflects your entire life experience and assists you in making sense of that. And she loves my health and my body just about as much as I do! Dr. Amanda is a true partner, deeply respects and is in awe of health and the physical body. My body hears the hope, the excitement and the possibility. And I know in my spirit that this makes all the difference in the world.

Dr. Amanda, you are a very gifted, talented, angel in a white coat. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my deepest desire for optimal health, believing in my body’s unlimited potential, and giving me hope when western medicine would not. This gift is immeasurable and without a price tag.

Audrey V.