A Tribute to Dr. Amanda

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

I’m one of those jigsaw puzzles. I don’t fit the “norm” for traditional treatments. Over the years I became sensitive to just about any drug, and the joke was that I didn’t have to take it, just smell it and I’d react. “Traditional” medicine didn’t serve me, only making my symptoms worse. Major migraines became the norm, with seizure activity twice a month. Chemical sensitivities, food allergies, motion, flashing lights, loud noises all would set me back for days. I stopped traveling, stopped going out, stopped visiting friends, and basically became a hermit.

I started seeing Dr. Amanda about 5 years ago.  She and I have tried numerous supplements, seen numerous specialists, taken conventional and unconventional remedies. She’s traveled the DISTANCE with me, and supported any suggestion I requested we research, always looking for that next piece of the puzzle.

Recently I got a call from the office, to try a new medicine for a month. I agreed, and within days started feeling better than I have in years. What did she do, you ask? She never gave up on me.

She is always thinking of me as she reads, researches, and consults with other doctors. Just this week I was able to walk into her office with a spring in my step, a smile on my face, and hold her baby boy. A month ago, I used the wall to support myself as I limped down the hall, and had so little energy I couldn’t have held that precious baby in my arms.

Am I cured, Not yet, but I know in my heart I have a Doctor that listens, is open, supportive, and will travel the high road, the low road, and the many back roads along the way to better health.

Thank You Amanda,