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Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Get a running start on your New years resolutions!

Join us December 21st at 5pm for, Dr. Amanda Hoffman’s talk on Hormones and its roll on your weight.  Missed it let us know we can do it again!

Want to find out how you can get real results for your New Year New You? Here are some typical symptoms of hormone imbalance……

there are more weight gain  especially around the mid section, thighs and hips decrease or no sex drive hot flashes/ night sweats especially menopause migraine headaches insomnia fatigue anxiety/panic depression low self- esteem emotional fragility irritability anger brain fog forgetfulness hypercritical and obsessive thinking reduced muscle strength Most of the time I do find there are a collection of needs for each of my patients and not just one imbalance or deficiency. This is due to the amazing ability of the body to adapt….so it won’t create symptoms til usually there are a few “legs” off kilter.   Want to find out more?  Come down to Ruby Cakes Saturday Dec. 21st at 5pm for more on what you can do to jump start your NEw You in 2014.   Focus on Hormones with guest speakers Vida Ice of Arbonne and Dr. Amanda Hoffman of Calypso Natural Clinic.
Personal Note:
WELL WINTER IS SOOO HERE AND WE ARE ALL HUDDLED around our fireplace …Duchess the Dog included. I am so Thankful for another Christmas with my family for this last month I’ve almost lost two very precious people to me.  My Mother and My little Brother Jake.  I am blessed to be living in a country where we have Amazing Emergency Medicine! (now we just need that ND hospital!) I am so impressed by my sister Jaime who is the Best Emergency RN who had her last day at our local hospital getting my Mom up to Immanual Hospital in record time on the surgery table and saved her life, as well as the whole team from WVMC to Immanual. It’s quite a wake up call to my commitment to Health, Prevention and the importance of healthcare for everyone.  The better team you have the better your chances to fight it! and of course personal ones of New Love, Strength and Wisdom of Truth in what is important in this life. I also have been getting nudged more and more to do my Reiki or really my own lightwork/energywork and want to do it teamed up with Mom! She amazed her med staff by getting of all pain meds besides OTC tylenol by day three barely outta ICU!    To do Reiki when she was dissecting her aorta and to feel the power that had to hold her together and help to relieve some pain just makes me want to share this amazing -Pain relief that is FREE and so very NON Addicting to EVERYBODY!!          Love to offer this to all my patients and new patients for a trial session of only $40 for 20min w some bodywork included as needed.   Just had a patient yesterday tell me she didn’t have to go get steroid shots in her hip before her flight east after some bodywork and a treatment suggestion.  Her pain was very acute to very minimal and gone soon after her treatment.   I hope you all haves safe, happy and of course HEALTHY Holidays.   I look forward to what will come in 2014!

REcap on 2013
Can afford Official Staff,  Hiring of Kindra Croxford our MA to join w Penny Love (who has been here since 2012)our billing specialist and part time Office Manager we are solid to helping you!
Certified as a Restorative Medicine Physician  to heal and reverse disease. mainly concerning hormones, thyroid and aging.
Now offer a super cheap cash lab.   custom hormone and adrenal panels for $100…up to 11 tests
Joined w Betty Rawker for cooking classes that will extend to next year…..Su[perfood Smoothies coming soon….
Med Spa added hyaluronic acid injection…Betolero Balance for fun! Instant wrinkle flattener super gratifying!
Many great success’ from our patients
Talks around town and in Portland at New Renaissance bookstore

and DJ is talking in sentences and is way too smart about opening everything…..quickly  OH and such a HUGGER…need a hug my son will do!  He unfortunately was just diagnosed w a heart arrhythmia which I will hopefully be sharing next year has resolved with ND medicine, for I’ve seen it before.

Have a Wonderful Winter Solstice and hope to see you in 2014!
Dr. Amanda, Kindra and Penny

Buy a Neopeel receive a Galvonic Neocutis facial for free!  One for you one to gift!   (savings of $55)

More savings til the end of December for those last minute gift ideas for You and YOur loved ones.   Gold package- Bio restorative starter skincare kit with a Lumiere eye cream for only $159
Now offering Hyaluronic acid filler  INJECTIONS!  I’m so excited to offer a safe alternative for my patients.  This is a very fast down time w immediate results on fine lines. We are excited about this for it’s our Hyalis from our NEocutis line in injectable form!   Belotero Balance for all your fine line needs…INSTANTLY!!

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Hormone Balance Pretest
To get a better idea of your hormone balance status, you can begin by identifying and classifying your symptoms. The following test will help you determine whether your symptoms are the result of an imbalance along with what type of imbalance it is.
Rate the following symptoms from 0-3:
0= no experience; 1= slight or occasional experience; 2= moderate or common experience; 3= severe or frequent experience

Symptoms 0 1 2 3
Hot flashes
Night sweats
Vaginal dryness
Increased forgetfulness
Foggy thinking
Mood swings
Tender breasts
Menstrual bleeding changes
Uterine fibroid or ovarian cysts
Water retention or bloating
Unwanted hair growth
Scalp hair loss
Increased sweating
Short tempered
High blood sugar
Weight gain around middle
Morning fatigue
Difficulty sleeping
Diminishing stamina
Extreme alarm/startle response
Sugar cravings
Cold hands and feet
Frequent low level headaches and slight feeling of nausea
Dizzy spells
High cholesterol
Brittle and breaking nails
Dry skin
Hair dryness, breakage, loss
Swelling of eyes and face
Decreased sweating
Decreased libido
Decreased muscle size and strength
Aches and pains
Bone loss
Rapid aging
Thinning skin
Hearing loss
Joint muscle and pain
Overall lack of vitality

 A= Estrogen deficiency; B=Estrogen dominance with progesterone deficiency; C= High blood sugar with insulin resistance; D= Adrenal fatigue; E= Low metabolism and subclinical hypothyroidism; F= Testosterone deficiency; G= Human growth hormone deficiency.

Our Gift to you
We love our patients and grateful you keep us in business!

15% off any product in stock until the new year.  Come in and stock up
Spa items included! 

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