I was on High blood pressure medication, a water pill and depression meds as well as overweight upon coming to Dr. A. In 1year I’m off all medications with her guidance and the help of supplements! This was my goal. I am healthier and happier as well. Dr. Amanda was easy to talk to whatever the problem, she listens. I used her for physical and mental health healing.

– Paul Kness – food industry employee

side note: Paul successfully lost so much weight he won the state King and is up for national winner through T.O.P.S. Way to go Paul!!!

Our Favorite Biggest Loser

Before Dr. Amanda, traditional medical personnel immediately stuck a permanent label on me, prescribed life draining toxic drugs, told me I would be on certain medications the “rest of your life” and never once talked to me about the power to heal my own body or what might even be possible. They wanted to manage disease. Dr. Amanda wanted to play in the realm of wellness and the innate intelligence of the body and unlimited potential.


Western Medicine Gave Me No Hope

I’m one of those jigsaw puzzles. I don’t fit the “norm” for traditional treatments. Over the years I became sensitive to just about any drug, and the joke was that I didn’t have to take it, just smell it and I’d react. “Traditional” medicine didn’t serve me, only making my symptoms worse. Major migraines became the norm, with seizure activity twice a month. Chemical sensitivities, food allergies, motion, flashing lights, loud noises all would set me back for days. I stopped traveling, stopped going out, stopped visiting friends, and basically became a hermit.


A Tribute to Dr. Amanda