Dr. Glass helped me to improve my health and she stuck with me, tried various solutions and worked with me until we got the results I wanted. The other doctors tried one time and quit. Dr. Glass is one of the most patient, intelligent, intuitive and compassionate physicians I have met in my 22 years of working with Naturopathic Doctors. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a Naturopathic Doctor.

K.P., Body and Mind Healing, LLC

The Other Doctors Quit

I met Dr. Julie Glass several years ago and immediately knew she would become a very special friend to my entire family.  Dr. Julie introduced all of us to her vast knowledge of homeopathic medicine and has worked with my daughter’s allergy problems, making it possible for her to completely stop her traditional prescription allergy medication and continue with a homeopathic remedy. I have worked with Dr. Julie mainly for naturopathic remedies to maintain my good health, using vitamin and mineral supplements and homeopathic sleep aids and immune system boosters.

Dr. Julie Glass is invaluable to everyone in my family and I am so happy to have found this very dedicated, kind and knowledgeable women to help all of us maintain our health and wellbeing.

Gratefully, DS, Registered Nurse

No More Allergy Medicine!

I recently finished taking a Buteyko Breathing course from Dr. Julie Glass.   She was an excellent teacher– easy to understand, well-prepared, and passionate about the subject matter.  I was hesitant to believe that the class would help me, but I signed up because Dr. Glass is a doctor I trust.

Now three weeks after the class, I can say that it changed my life.  I have asthma, and went from using my inhaler daily to using it once a week.  I anticipate that the more I do the breathing, the less and less my asthma will even be an issue.  I am excited to be getting my life back!

Dr. Glass made the techniques easy to learn, and offered great support to those of us in the class.  As a healthcare provider, I will absolutely be sending my patients to take her class.

E.B., Licensed Acupuncturist

Buteyko Breathing Class Changed My Life

I brought my son to see Dr. Glass after a resurgence of PTSD. He is only 9 and was telling us he was wanting to die, his anxiety was through the roof; often times it would take him 3-4 hours to all asleep at night. He would cry all day long and was fearful of everything. We had literally seen all of the joy slip out of him. We were at a loss. Dr’s wanted to heavily medicate him instead of get to the root of the issues. We began bringing him to Dr Glass as well as started him back in counseling. Dr. Glass listened intently to us, asking lots of questions and worked to find the right supplements and treatments that would give him the relief he so deserved. After a month of so we were on the right track and he started to smile more and cry less. Now, 2 months later, he is going to bed on his own, sleeping through the night most nights and the depression is nearly gone. I am so thankful for Dr. Glass’ whole body approach, her kind demeanor and her knowledge. She has truly changed my son’s life in ways I can not fully explain. –

A.H., A Grateful Mother

Healing My Child Without Medication

Thank you so much….
Something is changing already, got on the scale this morning and was down three pounds. What is scary to me is my blood pressure is too high. 200/80 despite my Rx Lasix. So very glad also that we found you, I find you have more compassion then any other doctor I have ever met.
NEXT DAY: The clay has eased the pain on the back sore. My blood pressure was 139/80 which was MUCH better. Also the scale is down about four pounds yippee!

– Sincerely, Margaret and Gary Miller Mcminnville OR

Blood pressure is too high

Before I came to see Dr. Amanda Lynn…
I was extremely tired, and cried over everything, no energy at all, and just a pill to live with.
With immediate results, I was amazed at how easy it was to feel better! And I didn’t even have to have surgery like others with my symptoms! Dr. Amanda helped me get the toxins out of my body that was keeping it from doing what it was made to do. I feel 100% better!! As a mother of 4 precious children, its so wonderful to enjoy them and feel like doing all the work that goes along with being a mother! I’m even losing weight!
Thank- You, Dr. Amanda!

– Stephanie Zook

Extreme Tiredness

Before I came to see Dr. Amanda…
I had a lot of digestive issues. I had tried several different supplements from the heath food store, but nothing worked for long. I no longer have indigestive issues or acid reflux. I am feeling a 100% better. I know a lot of healing has taken place.

– DR McMinnville OR

Indigestive Issues & Acid Reflux

My health before coming to see Dr. Amanda was…
I experienced a lot of fatigue. I suffered from menopausal symptoms including hot flashes, night sweats, andmood swings. In addition to that I also had many gut related issues.
Soon after beginning some basic treatment protocols and with my personalized herbal formula all my menopausal symptoms are now gone!
Thanks Dr. Amanda

-Laurie Crop, Dental Hygienist

Menopausal symptoms solved

My health before coming to see Dr. Amanda was…
I was suffering from asthma on a daily basis. This made it difficult for me to keep up with my kids, exercise, etc… It was very frustrating to deal with.
When I saw Dr. Amanda she really took the time to listen and hear about my symptoms. She was patient with me and took the time to discuss treatment options. After 1 week on Amanda’s treatment plan I was feeling better then I have felt in years! I am still feeling great!
Thanks Dr. Amanda. She rocks!

-Dr. Sara Fox-Hocking OD Mcminnville Family Eye Clinic

Suffering from Asthma

When I first came to Dr. Amanda…
I couldn’t sleep and I was always tired. My life was about a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10. I knew my body was telling me to get help. After becoming a patient of Dr. Amanda I feel wonderful all day long. I’m not tired like I used to be, I’m not moody and my skin has cleared up, I feel energized all the time. I’ve even began to take my two young children here. Thank you Dr. Amanda

I was always tired