MARFAN’S and Connective Tissue support for strengthening ligaments.

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Back Pain, Bulging disc, Athletes, Children with high metabolisms, Marfan’s, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, FibroMyalgia, Muscle aches and pains, arthritis, degenerative discs, all you I’m talking to you!!  =)

So You Got Connective Tissue Issues, eh?   Well me too, not to worry we have some important tips here for you to begin feeling better now.  These tips can keep you strong and prevent future deterioration.  So as an EXPERT and a Marfan’s patient I am happy to share some of my research below with you all!!   of course there is more for my patients only….this can be you!

Nutrition    For us with MARFAN’S we are under constant breakdown by enzymes and are continually building up our connective tissue with not as strong scar tissue. Marf’s like body builders need to not only increase our nutrients requirements but sustain this for optimal tissue repair.  This is one reason I believe we are constantly hunger=)  I have not found a nutrient overdose that could possibly happen from tripling the FDA requirements  new requirements are referred to as the Optimal Daily Intake.  The ODI is the level that the body needs to keep ideal health, easily 3x the FDA but google the exacts  ODI amounts. IF that isn’t available I have this information for my patients.

Protein  or Amino acids are essential for many important roles in cellular and cardiovascular support..not to mention Connective tissue and muscle development and mental/mood support.  With our increased metabolism we have a tendency toward hypoglycemic .

Trace Minerals are invaluable for all those with connective tissue needs for repair of the ligaments to strength in the musculature and all connective tissue….eyes, heart, the entire body truly.  Trace Minerals are becoming more scarce in the majority of our food supply with the over farming of the same soils with a lack of proper nutrient replacement.  Most of our minerals have washed into the ocean and only through eating seafood can we regain many of these nutrients.  Supplementation of clinical grade supplements can also assist this more exactly, sorry many over the counter supplements aren’t honest or absorbable.  Liquid may be required for those with a real deficiency or weak stomach.

Magnesium is  a macro mineral the is in great deficiency across the population that I see.   Epsom salt baths are great for this.  Magnesium allows for muscle relaxation and arterial dilation.  HINT: IF you truly need just magnesium you want to take it away from calcium.

Vitamin C  and bioflavinoids;   Huge for connective tissue integrity by strengthening the all connective tissue and fighting off any free radical damage.  Thus assisting in preventing aging

Specific Diet Hints:  stressing small meals frequently avoiding food sensitivities and sugar!!  Sugar can make your ligaments more lax, Many DC’s will want their patients to avoid it to help hold their adjustments.  Foods high in Sulfur compounds will help to reinforce connective tissue fibers.  Broccolli, kale, mustard greens, brocollini, cauliflower and all in the veggies in the Brassica family.

Please feel free to pass this along to your friends!   Want to know more on how I can help please call our office today! 503-472-5500




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