Inflammation and how you can heal with a balanced GI terrain

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Inflammation   Root of all Evil! Right?  That’s what We all keep hearing…..well it just can be if out of check for too long.

Inflammation what is this about?

Our bodies innate way of healing or attacking what isn’t YOU!

Why all the focus?  Is it really a big deal?

Yes it’s a huge deal!   We cause our immune system to trigger inflammation way too much thess days with the toxins in our environment, medications, food, drink, habits and lifestyles.

High Cholesterol?   That’s your body’s way of reducing inflammation in your arteries

Arthritis and Pain?  Inflammation in your muscles and joints.

Allergies and food sensitivities?  systemic inflammation that is throwing the GI toxins in your Your ears, nose, throat and sinus’.download

Auto Immune disease?  That is a new inflammation with each attack on your own body.

What do I do?
Best place to start for reducing inflammation is in the gut!

Yup your belly, this system is so complex and interconnected so well to the rest of you that if you start there it will trickle down!

Your stomach, small intestine, large intestine are made to be permeable for food particles to absorb into you blood via the proper transporters and with the proper signals on it to not attack it,it is not foreign it’s food!

So if you are having lots of food sensitivities, eat the same thing all the time, or numerous other dis-eases, this will cause inflammation thus increased permeability  in your whole GI.  This is a functional imbalance leading to disease us Naturopathic Physicians  call Leaky Gut Syndrome.   Immunologist, Gastro specialists and Restorative Medicine Physicians all over have noticed this adaptive physiology as well as  leaky blood brain barrier.   Leaky gut let’s everything through without proper id’s and signals causing havoc on the immune system, the messaging systems and add fat and water to you to deal with the effects! Also disturbing the ideal functioning of the immune system can cause cancer to autoimmune disorders.

What can you do to minimize this very common occurence?

1.  Eat slowly and relaxed,  this will cause less irritation to the GI and trigger the parasympathetic system with is for rest, heal and digest.

2. Don’t eat synthetics/ chemicals/ GMO’s / or wannabe food!  Anymore that is everything inside the store shelves.  Produce and Meat department should be your main stop to shop areas. These substances are causing Cancer and changing our cells at a foundational level, if you do make sure you can counteract with at least my basic treatment guidelines and extra antioxidants!

3. Taking Pharmaceuticals is included in the above, esp antibiotics which change the flora of our GI and birth cotrol ills which harm the liver, like all meds but these are worse.

4. Take in good clinical grade Human Microbial Flora, check out what Nigel Plummer is doing for he is the expert on probiotics. Even eating yogurt will not be enough many don’t have the proper balance of an optimal environment.  They just add a couple good ones and a few innocuous ones to sound good.  Bastyr University study found some add the bad flora ie streps to fill the number count!!

5. Don’t eat the same foods everyday!  Wearing down the lining and the immune component when this occurs, this is when I see food sensitivities begin.

When the terrain….(all you wine people know how important this is!) is bad the rest of the system will follow.  So to begin we must correct and feed our happy bacteria to keep a proper terrain which in of it self will help us to heal, resist disease, improve our Mind and Mood with proper neurotransmitter synthesis.  Serotonin is made in gut and directly effected by our food and flora.

The Weed and Feed technique I’ve researched and implemented with great success for numerous patients is by far the easiest with least side effects path to follow.  I’ve created for you a fabulously streamlined system to individualize what you will need to reduce your inflammation and return your Gastrointestinal system to optimal health.

You don’t feel like you have any problems with you gut? But you have any other chronic inflammation disease or symptom reaction ie sinusitis or allergies?  Don’t worry you don’t need a  direct GI symptom to feel this Leaky Gut, some of your stomachs aren’t going down that easily.  The inflammation will affect other areas ..your weakest link!

But say If you aren’t evacuating after consuming …ie 3 meals a day = 3 Normal bowel movements a day,  then there is one sign you are not processing food ideally.

If you have any symptoms of fatigue, memory, overweight, depression, gas, heartburn all these can be corrected via balancing your Gut Flora believe it!    What we put in our mouths is everything!

Interested in what we can do for you?  GI Restorative Plans designed for every TERRAIN!   Depending on your symptoms could take 6-18wks but is a fast area to correct compared to say hormones!

Please call us today to see what we can do to prevent and reverse your dis-ease!

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 FYI  Tho office will be closed for the Holiday Fri Aug 30-Sept.2, My triage ER RN Jaime McKnight will be on call for my patients’ emergency needs.     Have a safe and exciting last weekend of the SUMMER!  get your fresh air and vit D!

Dr. AmandaLynn Hoffman ND

For more resources:….tons of references at bottom of this page!

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