How your gut’s microbiome, your histamine & your brain connect: 8 ways this effects you!

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Hello Calypso Community,

Hope you are all recovering well post Holidays’ getting ready for one more!

So new education coming your way for 2019! I’m going to start supporting my tribe with more and more tips to health as we transform into more of a health community clinic and less of a disease management model.

This is awesome for those who are wanting to grow and optimize their health, take charge, and make changes. This isn’t easy but to really take back your life from chaos,.. hard work and uncomfortable lifestyle changes may be needed.

I’m so excited to focus more on our roots of naturopathic medicine with Dr Pierce as we embrace Nature’s ways of Wisdom for healing. Family Health care from Functional Medicine to Intuitive Treatment blends of flower essences and Local Herbs wildcrafted under the highest standards and customized by the Doctor’s for you!

Individualized care is truly our Unique brand.

Naturopathic Medicine is the perfect marriage of Functional Medicine meets Old European Nature Cure

TO focus on the GUT of the issues let’s look at a big one us with allergies deal with...Histamine it’s a huge concern I see only getting more and more out of hand, it’s due to many factors keep eye out for these effects:

  1. You GOT Poor GI microbiome? Histamine is a normal part of stomach acids but too much of a good thing…results in histamine being released to offend off all poor foods, sensitivities and additives.
  2. Organophosphates and glycophosate are the big destroyers of our villi required for nutrient absorption. buy oregon tilth organic when available far superior to the weak USDA Organic or at least canadian or european standards
  3. Environmental triggers of grasses, molds, tress, pollen, dust etc can continue to drive the need for our immune system to overuse histamine to kill these inert molecules as poison. SO then any reaction can be more each time and worse then you thing it should be or was in the past.
  4. Imbalance of gut, immune system and next endocrine system will begin to tumble under too much histamine
  5. My youtube tip needs corrected for your tongue will have “RED DOTS” finely across the tongue with histamine foods ingested up to 3 days after eating. white tongue is more toxic and need for a guided detox.
  6. Pain after eating something suppose to be good for you? Try adding a methylated food item to balance it out. ie almonds or sprouts to your histamine bone broths or kombucha.
  7. Methylation deficiency ie a MTHFR mutated gene 80% of us has if not treated properly will result in higher histamine overall in the body.
  8. Leaky GUT may lead to Leaky Brain! These are permeable membranes one much tougher then the other but enough inflammation will break down it’s barriers!

Thank you all for your support and look forward to bringing you more information and tips for your Easy way to Health and Happiness!!


Dr AmandaLynn Hoffman

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