Flower essences: Emotional and Spiritual Medicine

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Spiritual/Mental Emotional Niches are coming more and more to the healthcare front lines.  Emotional and Spiritual work can positively impact health  just as much as Nutrition and Science. This is especially true if you’ve never explored this route to wellness.  just taking moments to be quiet may be a great place to start!

Calypso is here to support and educate our community we live in and are committed to

I’m so excited to have my colleague from Medical school Dr. Maeshowe Pierce join us at Calypso!  We were on shift together where we focused on minor surgery the first half and energy healing work the second half.  Yes, only in Naturopathic Medicine school! We both had a natural gift for the energy work.  This was an intense clinical shift where we were helping PTSD in soldiers,  victims of crime and/or just anxiety in one session sometimes!!. Powerful!!!

How are we helping you overcome on a deeper level ?

Flower essences

Homeopathic remedies

Energy work


Interested in how this can help you please inquire during an appointment or drop us a line, reply to this email!

What exciting times to heal and be your best possible self!

Sincerely to Your Health,

Dr. Amandalynn, Dr Maeshowe and the Calypso Team





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