Exercise the best detoxifier! Wild Valerian on Dog tooth Hike

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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We are exposed to over 100,000 chemicals in our lifetime!! I can’t tell my family, friends and patients enough of the benefits of purifying their bodies. A Clean body for improved mood, mental acuity, strength, endurance, vitality reversing chronic health issues as well as preventing most dis-eases! So what is your favorite way to work your heart, lungs, legs that doesn’t feel like a drag?? Hiking? biking? surfing? kite surfing? horse riding? kayaking? Sp many we can do here in Oregon. Lungs can clean out the blood when your increasing it’s workload and the skin with sweat these are our largest organs by pure surface area to assist purification of our blood. The liver can use the help when it has over 300-600 process’ per second!! So go hit the trail or swim that lake and take action in your health!

I want to keep you up on my hiking spots so here’s one to try a moderate trail with amazing wildflowers right now with views for miles! Dog tooth rock above Detroit lake take the first left before you cross the bridge into Detroit follow Fern creek to road 2207  staying to the left with a pull out for parking on right just after the small trailhead sign on the left.  Trail is 1.4mi to this little pond then another 1.3 to phantom bridge a nature rock arch.  Dog Tooth is noticable around mile 1 just look up=)    Many medicines I use for my patients were growing up there and in bloom on the fourth of July weekend.  



White star lilies



Bear grass and rhodies line the trail



Wild Valerian  thanks for the Valium!

IMG_20130705_142922   Want to bring Nature into your life more?  Adding flower essences and herbs or plant stem cells can help bring you back to balance and feel like you are back in Nature!    Consultations with Dr. Amanda start at $50.    Want to increase your exercise endurance or improve your ability to detoxify?  Dr. Amanda can help get you to the top of the mountain…If I can do it with Marfan’s syndrome and a pack…you can too!

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