Dr. Maeshowe Pierce is thrilled to join up with Calypso Natural Clinic after eight years working for her own practice in Portland and McMinnville! She came to Naturopathic Medicine via a ‘wrong’ turn on an AZ freeway. It led her to Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine where she started her medical schooling. She later transferred to National College of Natural Medicine to be in the trees.

While in school, Dr. Maesh most enjoyed working in the community clinics where she was able to work with a diverse population and often with limited resources. This taught her to be creative and resourceful in her own practice which are some of the best qualities of Naturopathic Medicine.

Dr. Maesh loves the innate wisdom of the human body. She approaches her practice from the lense of Nature Cure, using traditional naturopathic modalities such as hydrotherapy, nutrition, homeopathy, herbs and much more in combination with modern medicines. She has a passion for guiding her patients to health and healing through tapping into their own body’s knowledge. Many patients come to her for anything from a common cold to an autoimmune disease and leave with a greater understanding of themselves and their ability to heal. Naturopathic Medicine provides people with the opportunity to grow from illness and dis-ease and Dr. Maesh loves to facilitate this. One of her standards is that patients must feel heard. And it is her belief that healthy communication often leads to health.