Call to Action NOW to allow Doctor’s our Rights Not politicians and special interests!

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

This has been fast tracked to try and weasel this in and it’s ugly!!

THis HB3063 bill isn’t allowing doctor’s to be doctors’ and we are not allowed to make medical exemptions for a medical procedure that isn’t a one size fits all!!

I spent a over a decade going to school and alot of my parent’s and my money to be able to be a Physician. To create a relationship with my patients and to be allowed to help make major decisions with them. To review research and to base our treatment plan with this and family history kept in consideration.

I’m very concerned about the precedent this would give for Policy to Go against Medical Professionasl! Us Physicians aren’t even allowed to follow CDC guidelines, new one for MMR is if family history of autoimmunity ie last listed here as family history of altered immunocompentence.

MMR(d),(e) CONTRAINDICATIONS (1) Severe allergic reaction
(e.g., anaphylaxis) after
a previous dose or to a
vaccine component
2. Pregnancy
3. Known severe
immunodeficiency (e.g.,
from hematologic and
solid tumors, receipt of
therapy(f) or patients
with HIV infection who
are severely
4. Family history of altered

Yes there are studies now out showing a connection of our vaccination program increasing our autoimmunity cases.

SO my patient’s with Hashimoto’s your children may be more suspectible to autoimmunity with MMR so let’s do some preventative care, We may be able to help prevent this horrible side effect!

See below for studies and how to take action . THis weekend and Mon early call or email all House Representatives to share your concerns about this bill taking away Doctor Rights to protect those who need altered vaccine schedules. This is the link to the drop down for all house representatives and thier emails and phone numbers call all not just yours if you can!! . 

THank you so very much in advance for anybody who does I’ll offer a 10% off your next purchase for your time!! Just let us know at ring up!!

Your Doctors who will continue to stand up for my patient’s rights!!

Dr Hoffman and Dr Pierce

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