Are you up on your minerals?

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

Attention to all those in my Marfan’s, #Ehler’s Danlos and loose connective tissue tribe! Well, essentially this is important for everybody since most all of my patients seem to have some form of deficiency. (Especially such deficiencies in antioxidants 🍇 and minerals)

Mineral deficiencies are definitely the one less talked about🏔

I moved up here to the Eola Hills so I could have high mineral content from the soil, and even into my children’s baths everyday.  I tell you the high Sulfur is best for achy muscles! Sulfur compounds hold our muscles strong. This soil is higher in #Silica too! Silica is the key to strengthen all connective tissue (#marfansyndrome ) as well as your skin, hair, and nails⭐

Our Willamette Valley soil however, is deficient in #Selenium, so your local foods may not have it if your farmer does not enrich it.🌱 I have often been called the mineral doctor by patients for having learned most about minerals from me than they have from any other doctor.😊🌸 A simple hair analysis🕵 can tell you exactly what your intracellular levels are.  #Magnesium needs to be on the red blood cells, #Zinc from plasma, and #Copper with ceroplasma….and these are not something typically ordered on regular labs.

Typical #Iodine testing has you inconveniently carrying a 24-hour urine collector with you! That is where once again the ND way is more economical. An iodine patch test or hair analysis can be much more convenient and actually very reasonably priced from pennies (for iodine) to $97 🤷

For #gutweek I would love to share a few tips. Most people don’t absorb minerals, Why? they don’t have ENOUGH acid in their stomach. So sips of apple cider vinegar may help but many may need betaine hci w pepsin. Especially low #Estrogen women. Drinking while eating will dilute your enzymes so keep it minimal and no need for alkaline water with your meals!

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