Anxiety or Vitamin Deficiency? The Little Known Condition of Pyroluria

Dr. Julie

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Almost everyone experiences some kind of anxiety, but some people are debilitated by it. Panic attacks are common, and excessive worrying causes people to lose sleep, creating even more stress.  This viscous cycle is common with people who suffer from pyroluria.  

In our conventional medical model doctors prescribe drugs to promote sleep and/or lessen anxiety levels.  While this can help for a time, it doesn’t address the underlying factors that cause the anxiety.  If we shift our perspective and view anxiety as a symptom (instead of a disease), we begin to see that something is causing it.

What Is Pyroluria?

Pyroluria is an example of a physiological illness that looks like anxiety, but is really a nutrient deficiency.  Under stress, people with pyroluria create too many kryptopyrroles, which deplete Zinc and Vitamin B6 from the body.  This affects hundreds of biochemical processes, including our ability to make certain neurotransmitters (chemicals in the brain).  Symptoms of Pyroluria include lack of dream recall, white spots on the fingernails, poor morning appetite, depression, social anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, low tolerance for stress, explosive anger, and pale skin with an inability to tan.  You can take the full pyroluria questionnaire here.  

If you scored 15 or over on the questionnaire, call our office today at 503 472-5500 to be evaluated for pyroluria.  Dr. Amanda and I have witnessed miraculous changes in how patients feel when we give their bodies the nutrients they need.

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