Calypso Natural Clinic Believes in the power of nature along with science and technology can help to bring the body back to balance.

Calypso Natural Clinic Family CareWhat Calypso Natural Clinic provides for YOU:

  • All that a Primary Care Physician cares for plus!
  • Natural Detoxification/Weight Loss
  • Pain management
  • Prevention or management of Acute Illness
  • Prevention or management of Chronic disease
  • Annual Physical Exams inc. sports, well women or work.
  • Educated about your health and what all your options are!

We are not limited to pharmaceutical treatment but also:

  • Diet; including optimal nutrition and labs to test nutritional status, heavy metal status, supplement absorption or for food allergies.
  • Lifestyle; assist with daily activities for optimal health you can do your whole life.
  • Herbs, one of my favorite and expertise areas these treatments are miraculous!
  • Homeopathy, when properly evaluated and well chosen homeopathics can work better, faster and safer then pharmaceuticals.
  • Physical Medicine, ultrasound, bodywork, and energy work from Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND, as she was a well known massage therapist during her years in medical school.
  • Medical Spa treatments for fine line dermal injections with Belotero Balance, youthfulness, anti-aging, acne and healthy skin support with Swiss Medical grade treatments, peels and products.
  • Teaching about the benefits of hemp derived CBD for reducing pain and inflammation, and how the body’s endocannabinoid system works.

Inclusivity Views

  • We believe all medical practices should be a 100% safe, welcoming, supportive space for anyone seeking professional healing support. Given our sociopolitical times, we feel it’s critical to stress that our office does not tolerate bigotry of any kind. We want to remain mindfully kind to people of color, LGBTQIA, and anyone else who feels like a minority.

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