A Guarantee you can’t refuse for Men’s Health…Happy Father’s Day

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Happy Father’s Day! To all the Men in our lives. I worry most about the number of unchecked men out there. If your like me, you know a couple American men…oh they love bbq, beer, chips and have high stress jobs and exercise like a great weekend warrior will!  These poor guys need some energy support, nutritional support, maybe weight loss, cardiovascular prevention and /or management, help with the reduction of testosterone and shoot even athlete’s foot shouldn’t get ignored! But guys can ignore it too well so give them no excuse to come to the doctor! I would like to bet if they don’t get their money’s worth they don’t have to pay it! Yes my Father’s day present is too all MEN who would like to get a reverse on some health issues or to stay ahead of the headache and check in I will guarantee the visit is worth gold to your health.

Men’s Health Evaluation includes Intake, Nutritional evaluation, further testing may be warranted, Naturopathic evaluation of physiology and overall health with all conventional and alternative treatments offered. Vitality Check: Adrenals, Thyroid, Testosterone with symptoms and optimal testing evaluation by Dr. Amanda. You want back some of your strength, memory, vitality or youthful resilance and glow? I would love to help you Men who deserve to take care of their health and feel better!

IT can be easy to feel good again! HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DADS!

Sign up now for a new or return patient visit with Dr. Amanda either online on our website calypsonaturalclinic.com or facebook calypos natural clinic.  Calling us works great too! Questions? Insurance? Feel free to call 503-472-5500 Dr. Amanda, Penny (billing/insurance) and Kindra (medical assistant) are here for you!

Jump Now offer ends July 15th!

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