IMMUNE foods, Paleo cooking class, Fall Detox time!

Dr. Amanda Hoffman, ND

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Sign up now for Betty Rawker and Dr Amanda to teach you how to have a Paleo Thanksgiving!  November 3rd noon to 2. Location TBA

Immune Boosters are whats in Season! Mushrooms, roots, and orange produce is what your body needs for Fall protection.

Nature is truly amazing! The innate wisdom cannot be denied when we look deeper into Fall foods and their immune support nutrients.
Pumpkins for example…bright orange full of Vitamin A right? Right! Guess what vitamin A in high levels is great for???? any guesses….?   Virus’! Yep those pesky viruses that take advantage of our weakness at the turn of the seasons.   Don’t take high levels if you could be pregnant for it’s not good for fetus’ or babies.
Mushrooms  you hear of exotic muschrooms healing cancer, autoimmune disorders, and our own turkey tail for hepatitis! Our own local ones are just as much of a super food with immune support and naturally occurring Vitamin D!  Science is still revealing the awesomeness of these unique medical foods.  Interesting how Chantrelles and my favorite Lobster mushrooms are bright orange!!
Rose Hips  also ready for the picking now!  Rose hips is the source for many Vitamin C supplements and of course fresh is going to be much more potent.  Wildcraft some to dry for tea all through the winter, add to your favorite drink.  Betty Rawker juices them with her apples.  Dried will make a nice fruit leather.Ginger, Garlic Onions and Root vegetables are all important to keep up with right now for sure.  Roast in oven then puree with almonds or almond milk to create a creamy root veggie soup or sauce. Sinus issues?  Horseradish is a great one for the head colds….Sushi hear I come!
Grapes  Yummy these highly antioxidant infused gems are good to the last seed.  Proanthrocyans are the purple colored antioxidant that Resveratrol’s phenol is a member of.  Antioxidants refuel each other and help to fight not only invaders including fungal but free radical damage!  Also huge for keeping those telomeres long and extending your life span!!   Grapes make resveratrol to combat the fungus Botrytis!  So cool for us wine lovers eh?
Many times in our busy, exhausting world food unfortunately isn’t enough for many.  I look at;

  • General Immune assessment…..when was the last time you mounted a fever??  If you haven’t  this is a sign your not reving up your immune system like it’s meant to.  long term suboptimal immune support can lead to cancer or autoimmune disease.
  • Your GastroIntestinal health and flora balance are intertwined with your lymphatics to charge or drain your immune system.
  • Your age and thymus strength…reducing as we age.
  • Adrenal, Thyroid, and hormone levels if low will prevent you from getting over a cold quick
  • Vitamin D levels
  • are all cofactors, enzymes and transporters on board and working properly to optimal immune support?
  • .Zinc…OMG I have a fast quick test to check your zinc levels and you may be suprised
  • Too much zinc will rob you copper so check in with a Pro on this.

Want to stay out of bed this winter and keep your systems checked for preventing much worse?
Get Evaluated by Dr. Amanda  ….add in a micronutrient lab analysis to find out exactly what your cells are deficient in before it is clinically evident for only $160 for those with insurance…any kind no ND coverage necessary! Call our office for more information on Spectracell’s Micronutrient test and what it can find out for you!

Paleo Thanksgiving Cooking Class!!

OMG I’m so excited to be merging with a fine young lady who has an amazing story of why she medically needs to eat clean and Paleo.    We want to get a few classes in the works for you all and This is our kick off!  MENU:Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Savory Mushroom Gravy
Almond Flour Biscuits
Cauliflower Mash
Bone Broth (I need to find an exciting way to incorporate =))
Pure Cranberry Sauce
Caramel Apple Dip
and the best for last……Raw Pumpkin Pie w Coconut whip cream!!

Menu is: Gluten Free, Grain Free, Paleo, Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free

$50, hands on instruction, full shared meal, and take home recipe booklet included.

November 3, Sunday at Noon- 2 Call or email to book your spot! Space limited
Location TBA

so we have yet to get a flyer and location out but I wanted you all to be the first to know and have a chance to get it in your calendars.

Fall Detox

You may know the changing of the seasons is a great time to drop off the toxins and clean yourself up! I would so recommend the far infared sauna…..we have packages!!    5 for $75  you can stay in as long as you want….or can!   We have the towels and fresh spring water!    You can schedule online on our facebook fan page: Calypso Natural Clinic.   or website   or of course email or call us! 503-472-5500
Happy back to school kids and Parents!!!     Need help with focusing your child, need a sports physical or just to get a well child check please think of us!
Calypso is sooo excited to bring on our new employee Carolyn Verduyn!  She is currently in phlebotomy school and works part time at another ND office.  Experience, friendly and caring with a clinical background as a chemist so we have an expert lab lady now for sure!! Welcome Carolyn!!

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