We are a Primary Care Naturopathic Clinic; Family Care, Alternative & Complementary Medicine, Wellness, Purification and Anti-Aging Specialist. 

OUR LOCATION IS: 2274 SW 2nd street suite C.next to Mya’s hair salon and Laughing bean bistro
This is just to the SW corner of our old location.  Across Hill Rd from THE NEW CIRCLE K or old sweetmilk’s just before Vineyard Heights (old Osprey Point).
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  • Natural, Nutritional and Scientific based Medical Advice from a Primary Care Provider?  Care being our middle name.
  • over 50 blogs on various health topics, search our archives for information on heart health, connective tissue support, or just browse through anytime.
  • Specializing in but not limited to: GastroIntestinal disease, Environmental Medicine, Liver function, Women’s Health including well women exams with pap and full physicals for the whole family. Low energy, Mind-body connection, ADHD-Autism spectrum children and adults, Cardiovascular health, MusculoSkeletal problems, Marfan’s syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Allergies, AutoImmunity, Hypothyroid, Pain, weight loss, Anti=aging and Skin care.

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